September 20, 2017


Fall is finally upon us! Besides stocking up on my Halloween decor and trying out some fun new pumpkin recipes I've been beefing up my autumn wardrobe and I found the 5 pieces that will definitely help you make a statement this season!

This dark jumpsuit
I hope the romper/jumpsuit trend never goes out of style because I'm such a fan! The dark color of this jumpsuit is perfect for fall if you're like me and like to layer color and texture, and the loose-fit pants make it super flattering to every figure. Add a cute cardigan or blazer and this is an office or classroom-ready look!

This frayed denim skirt
For me nothing says 'fall' quite like denim, denim skirts in particular. The fraying of the hem adds an extra texture to the material, and the details of the buttons and the stitching of the pockets ensure this skirt will definitely be a wardrobe staple this season!

This cozy cardigan
I'm a bit of a sweater-aholic, and I simply can't resist a cute cardigan! The perfect weight for brisk fall breezes with a cute pop of color, this particular cardigan adds a nice outline shape to any outfit, a flow perfect for fall.

These super-flare jeans
More denim! I've recently fallen in love with Revice Denim, I also heart this pair, and these jeans make my heart melt. Skinny flare jeans are an old favorite of mine, especially for fall. The star-detailed stitching around the booty adds a little flair and will give every booty shape a nice lift. 

This embroidered button-down
Who said work clothes can't be chic? This colorful button-down certainly puts that myth to rest. Long sleeves come in clutch towards the end of the autumn months, and this tailored fit ensures a flattering wear with the feminine kick of flowers.

What about you? What are your fall wardrobe staples?

September 13, 2017


Firenze, 2016
My Italian heritage has always been a present, if rather unspoken, part of my life. My dad (and his dad and his dad ad infinitum) are the original Italians of our family, though today very much an Italian-American hyphenate. After every heated family argument my grandfather throws his hands up and exclaims, "it is because we are Italian!"

Indeed, Ancestry DNA maps traced our family back to Florence, where Italians with our last name still live today. My excitement to finally take an Italian language and culture class in university reached its peak last summer when I took a trip through Italy with my best friend Amrita (read all about it).
September 8, 2017

Checking In

'What a long and strange journey it's been....' for the past few weeks anyway! In the last month I've wrapped up my 2 summer jobs, moved back into my dorm on campus, helped guide orientation for the freshmen, and started class! It's been a really busy few weeks for sure but it's also been rather emotionally exhausting. 

Orientation is a whirlwind 5 days, especially for the new freshmen and transfer students coming to live in this new place. I vividly remember being vastly overwhelmed when I went through orientation as a freshman myself so as a helper, I really wanted to ease the process as much as possible for the freshman in my group. What I don't think I was expecting as much was the emotional and physical toll orientation took on me. There are specific, sometimes difficult, topics that need to be discussed when it comes to living on college campuses in particular and I don't think I was as ready for the full impact of emotions that the discussions and presentations brought about. It was a struggle to keep it together sometimes! Orientation also brought about really long days where we were busy from 8am to 11pm and, though I loved the whole experience and can't wait to do it again, it was very exhausting at times!

My grandmother's passing, while it certainly doesn't hurt with the sharp, ever-present pain I felt after it first happened, is still a present and active force in my life. At random times I'll find myself thinking of her or wanting to call her and tell her about my day and that familiar ache starts up again. More often, I'll get compliments when I wear the necklace she gave me and it makes me think about her and the fact that I'm wearing it because she can't anymore. Learning to live with this kind of grief is a new experience for me. Previously the biggest personal loss I've experienced was the passing of my childhood pet which, while still very emotional for me, has no bearing on the level of emotion felt during and after my grandmother's passing.

I've really missed my blog but I think this time away gave me the space to reflect on my new priorities and how I can best continue, to the benefit of the blog and for me. I'm happy to say that I'm still committed to this little creative expression of mine, and can't wait to see where it takes us in this last half of the year! Thanks for sticking with me butterflies -- I have a feeling it's going to be a wild ride and I can't wait to share it with you.