September 15, 2013

Breasts Are Great....Unless Babies are Involved

Sexualization in the media has always been a hot-under-the-collar topic among people everywhere, both men and women taking sides. I never really took a side until probably the middle of the summer this year when I started noticing it everywhere. And then all the news articles starting popping up about women getting criticized for breastfeeding their babies in public. It got me thinking...

In movies, in commercials, proudly displayed on billboards for thousands of motorists to see as they spent their daily commute in traffic, are women's breasts or butts or bellies. It's quite sickening if you think about it....people don't see a problem with a women wearing a skimpy bikini top (or no top at all and just some strategically placed arms or hair) to sell cigarettes or new drink, but as soon as women start to use their bodies how they were intended to be used, people are "disgusted". And it's not just women being sexualized, have you seen all the commercials featuring a half-naked man that looks like he's 98% percent rock instead of an actual person? It's really not okay anymore, for both men and women.

Girls face, and have faced for some time now, a growing amount of pressure from the media to be sex symbols and sex objects for guys to play with. They tell us that if we're not sexy enough that we won't get the right guy (or girl or barn animal or whoever floats your boat). Which, first of all, is completely backwards from the way books told us love was. And really, it is backwards. A toy company unveiled a Pole Dancing Kit intended for children, young girls specifically. "Unleash the sex kitten inside" was the slogan plastered all over the box. Thankfully a lot of parents saw something wrong with that and the company pulled that product from the shelves in the toy aisle, although it is still available to purchase. The television shows on TV, from the Girls Next Door to America's Next Top Model, that tell us that, as women, we need to be stick-skinny with lots of makeup plastered all over our face. It's the portrayal of these women as beauties that has girls everywhere starving themselves and spending their emotional energy, their time, and their money on products that promise to make us look hotter, sexier, more attractive to the opposite sex.

Guys are not excused from this either. First of all, no girl wants to cuddle with a rock. I mean it's nice for guys to be built and have muscles and abs (if they want, it's completely up to them to get into shape and women shouldn't expect it just like guys shouldn't expect Barbie breasts and thigh gaps from girls), but if we can see them through your shirt that's not okay. (General rule for the majority of girls I know, just a tip guys) Second of all, it's not really discussed, but guys go through the same pressure that girls do to be "perfect". The media puts us all under such pressure that we feel we have no choice but to go along with it otherwise be an outcast. There was a boy who died because he wanted to "buff up" and he was doing 1,000 push ups a night without eating the right foods because he wanted to look like the buff models that he saw on the runway. He died. It's really not okay anymore, and I'm not sure it ever has been.

Along with the increased sexual pressure put on teens and young girls, there is the ever-present backlash against breast feeding. This really does tick me off because a) that's what breasts are intended for in the first place, not toys for boys to play with when they're bored and not pillows for them to lay on, and 2) this practice is as old as the time since women have been having babies (aka forever) and is literally the most natural thing on earth, so who the hell gave you the right to call out a women for feeding her child with what she is meant to feed it with? You need to get over yourself. If you don't have a problem with all the breasts and the sex featured in today's music, cartoons, commercials, TV shows, movies, magazines, books etc., then you have no right to call out a women for breastfeeding.

I researched a bit about this topic and I found an amazing video that explains it all so well, it's only 5 minutes long and really really worth watching. Click here for the link to the video. I also used an article which you can find here. Thanks as always for reading and feel free to leave me a comment explaining your thoughts on this post below!

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