September 3, 2013


For the past week I've been having some stomach cramping issues. And on Monday it finally hit me really, really hard. I was taken to the hospital this morning and I have several tests/scans scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday. They don't know what's wrong yet so I'm just resting with some generic pills to cut down on the pain and waiting for the tests (for which I have to fast which is why they couldn't do them today). I'm pissed that I have had to miss school these past two days and will have to miss tomorrow as well, hopefully it won't go any further than that I want to go back to school!

My symptoms include: extreme abdominal pain, stomach swelling, fatigue, lower back pain, and (after eating) nausea. Blood work tomorrow and then an ultrasound sometime later. I swear I'm not pregnant, even though I have some of the same symptoms. I have now been asked that question about seven times today and you'd think my answer would get around. It's not going to change, you know. It's probably just intestines twisting or air pockets in my intestines or something along those lines, but not a pregnancy (that's biologically impossible, trust me). 

Anyway, I'll post an update sometime later about what is going on. Thanks for reading every week guys!


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