November 17, 2013

Shopping Spree/Lush Haul

(Told you I'd be back soon!)
So today was one of the more-fun days I've had in a while. After the longest time I went on an actual girly shopping spree with Tate (aka Carla), a friend I've recently rekindled my friendship with. As you may know, we were on hiatus all through 9th grade (some immature differences, it's all water under the bridge), and now we have rekindled. Our friendship is actually stronger then it ever was before and I am so grateful, she has offered a new dimension to 10th grade that I never knew I was missing. She and I are so alike it's incredible, we are both writers, both have the same ambitions in life, and there is so much more. In an attempt to make up for lost time, we planned a shopping trip. (I'll tell you more about Tate at some point later in time)
We met at, where else, Starbucks and immediately went from there. Where you may ask? LUSH of course! Above in the picture (my apologies for the rather crap lighting) is my 'haul'. Tate's is much bigger, much more of an actual haul. She has ten items whilst I have 7. But nevertheless, lets walk you through my mini haul because Lush is my most favorite store on this entire planet (besides maybe Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe and Wildfox…okay I have a lot).

  1. The white stuff in the bottle is "American Cream" hair conditioner because my hair needs some serious TLC. 
  2. The purple stuff in the bottle next to it is "Daddy-O" (the title is weird but just go with it). It's shampoo for blondes to help my hair not be so gross.
  3. The big yellow-wrapped one next to it is the "Space Girl Bath Ballistic" it's a little blue/purple space ship that smells so yummy I cannot wait to use it!
  4. The yellow packet after that is the "Lord of Misrule Bath Ballistic" that is a greenish teal color with sparkles and specks of color in it that smells like heaven, literally. 
  5. The top rectangle bar, top of the two bottles, is the "Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar" that has white on one side and like a purple layer with the actual massaging part that smells like spicy peppermint. 
  6. The one new to that is the "Golden Wonder" thing that looks like a Christmas present with a gold  bow tied around the white box, part of their wonderful Christmas collection. It smells like an angel.
  7. And my final one on the top is the "Miranda Soap" that smells like how you would imagine Miranda Kerr to smell, all sweet and fresh.

Lush is like my favorite place ever, it smells so wonderful going in there and then it's just ahhhhhh heaven. Tate and I went in there THREE TIMES during our shopping spree and stayed for at least 40 minutes each time I bet. It was so much fun! We also popped into Topshop and found out that we both can indeed rock beanies, which is a fact neither of us knew before, and we even stopped by a few mens clothing stores to shop for our boyfriends (neither of which exist might I add). I always have fun with Tate and this shopping trip was very much needed. I HIGHLY suggest you pop into the next Lush shop you see and expect to spend a good hour drooling over their products.


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