January 22, 2014

The Down and Dirty, Clean and Juicy Lifestyle

If you've been reading this blog since the start, or are a teenager that is a functioning part of our sick society, you know the pressures of trying to look "perfect' and "hot". Two qualities that are completely overrated if you ask me. This post is not going to be another rant on the evils of societies pressures, although it may relatively related, so don't worry. Before we start, I want to make one thing abundantly clear: you should not feel the need to diet or lose weight or dye your hair or bleach your skin or whiten your teeth just because one or two assholes in your life have low self esteem issues. Change what you want about yourself because you want to, not because someone tells you to. I cannot stress this point enough.

Now onto my real topic of discussion: the juice detox diet. My mother and I suffer from a chronic illness that plagues many come les vacances de Noël: over-eating. And after some heavy research (which is required by the way, do NOT start any diet without doing a lot of research first, and make sure to talk to your parents before anything, get their permission and their committed support. You'll really want to keep them updated all throughout your diet….however I still recommend you don't diet at all unless you really feel the need to), my mom and I decided to detox after all the heavy eating we'd been doing. We found an organic juice detox center near our house (not exactly Jamba Juice is it?) and our detox began this past Monday. The deal is this: we drink 5 juices a day, all made of organic fruits and vegetables (with inventive titles like "green Vegan" and "Minty Berry"), water, fruits, and vegetables. And that's literally it. See how this can get out of hand and dangerous?

Do. Not. Do. This. Without. Parental. Guidance. And. Professional. Help.

But see, the detox is only half the equation equaling the figure I have in mind at the end of this semester. You've got to kick ass in the gym: your own ass that is. Not only am I actually trying relatively hard in gym class (the fact that I enjoy playing rugby might have a little something to do with it), I'm back to working out with my trainer, as well as working out on my own (running on the treadmill, swimming, etc.) You cannot expect great results with JUST diet or JUST exercise. You've got to have an equal balance of both.

The reason I'm doing this? 1) It's only Wednesday and I already feel much better from the detoxifying. 2) I really want to get control over my fitness and my figure again. They're both important reasons, but before starting any program or regimen or diet to try and change yourself, make sure you're the one that wants to do this and you have motivating factors that come from yourself, not others. (I'd also stay away from calling it a "diet", which makes it sound like a breakable fad that won't last. Try saying "lifestyle" instead, it's a personal trick that has helped me many times.) That's the most important thing: do it for the right reasons.

If you really feel like getting in shape is something you want to do, you don't need a fancy trainer or equipment. This is a really great website that I still use that have free Pilates and Yoga videos for you to watch and do alongside. This is a great reference website on what to consider before doing a juice cleanse, if you want to do it I suggest showing your parents the page along with your own reasons for doing it. This is a great motivating Tumblr blog, I also like it because it shows fit girls not just sickly skinny ones. (Oh and try these two links, you'll thank me later)


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