March 23, 2014

Mga Kaibigan at Ice Cream

Me at CPK with Chummy and Andy, featuring my Lush mini-haul

Saturday brought about the tradition of another #Fate date, however this one was a bit amended. Traditions change right? Right. Our friend Andy came along for the ride and we had an absolute blast! 

We first stopped in Healthy Options (literal favorite store) to buy some snackies for the day and as Andy bought her tea, Tate found the Cous Cous and nearly had a panic attack. We then moved onto Lush, which was no small trip if you know us at all. After tearing ourselves away from the collection of beautifully-smelling products, we wandered for a bit before stopping in a beauty store entitled Personal Care Exchange (or PCX).
One of T's purchases, you can read her blog post about it here

PCX is like Ulta or Sephora (for those of you in the States) plus CVS or Walgreens. (Think…Watsons or Boots for those of you elsewhere) I, in particular, was looking for liquid eyeliner (which I found thanks to Andy aka Eyeliner-Queen-of-the-Universe's advice) and hand lotion. Tate found many products that she bought and Andy was already tapped out money-wise. Tate also ran out of money after our stop at PCX, but that didn't stop our momentum.
Me modeling my TopShop beanie for Amrita

After the PCX, we moved on to TopShop and each picked one or two items of clothing to try on. Tate found a black tulle skirt and a Naya Rivera-esque top that I forced her into, I grabbed a black jumpsuit that was just to die for, and Andy picked up the coziest pink sweater.

Tate and I shared a dressing room and it was a sweaty mess, probably because we were laughing and trying to avoid making eye contact the entire time. She rocked the skirt and top in my opinion, but couldn't wait to get them off. I could not get the pantsuit past my hips, and neither could Tate so that was a total design flaw. By the time we got our own clothes back on and had adjusted things so we were decent enough to walk around, Andy had already tried on her sweater and taken it off without showing us. 
Trés jolie, non?

Our next stop was a cute little Japanese ice cream bar where we all dined on cookie-dough ice cream sandwiches. T and I had "plain" vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough whilst Andy was a tad more adventurous in her choice: a green tea ice cream confection.
Is this delectable or what?! Tastes even better than it looksInstagram

The little shop was cute and perfect for blog-worthy photographs to be taken as there was no one else present except for the girl behind the counter and a mother with her son that wandered in towards the end of our visit. 
La femme de manger sa glace
Très jolie femme avec les cheveux violet
Le café, tout rose et noir et beau
#"Pas Filtre", autre très jolie femme

After our ice cream break, we spent the rest of our afternoon going around from shop to shop trying on various articles of…lets call them clothing of which we had no intention of purchasing. Eventually we decided lunch was in order and California Pizza Kitchen was elected.
Yummy-ness captured in one photo

Our first notion at the beginning of our day was to eat the same Turtle Ice Cream Sundae that Kim enjoyed in this post, but after we arrived, actual food was decided upon for lunch. So we ordered the same Margherita pizza, in an effort to be "healthy" (incidentally also featured in that post) and split it 3 ways.
Dalawang magagandang batang babae, yes?

All together it was a wonderful day with wonderful friends and I can't wait for the next #Fate date experience.

(You will find photos of my outfit on Tate's blog as well--it will be included in my Paris Look Book that will be posted sometime later)

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