March 21, 2014

Mid Spring's Night BBQ

Not my photo, but one of the dishes served at the BBQ

Being the Academic Bowl club of our school…we are total party animals (naturally!) so it only made sense to have a blowout, end-of-school, half-the-team-going-to-Singapore-for-a-competition BBQ at a teachers house near school. (Incidentally, I'm part of the team going to Singapore, however that will not be covered in this post.) 

We all gathered after school today in my English teacher's room, our normal practice room, before collectively walking over to Mr. Sinclair's house, the English teacher hosting the BBQ. Each of us brought little munchies, I brought organic corn chips and salsa, someone else brought Cheetos, and still someone else brought a chocolate loaf and Korean chips. (Eugene, a freshman, brought peanut butter KitKat's and we all loved him 200x more than usual)

Not my photo again, but a similar picture of what the salad looked like

After snacking on these for a while, we transitioned to pita bread and hummus (plus three other dips/toppings that I cannot recall the names of), brown rice salad (that was the most refreshing thing ever I cannot get over it), and some pork and chicken for the meat-eaters of the group. The whole meal was delicious and I cannot commend the Lindsay-Sinclair's on their cooking enough.

After eating and celebrating Mr. Sinclair's birthday with a lovely brownie cake that we enjoyed eating straight from the pan, the teenagers made our way inside as the adults stayed outside in the wind tunnel that was the patio. (Actually, the skirt I was wearing kept being swept up in the wind--I'm pretty sure I flashed everyone present but hey, that's what underwear was invented for)

There was no kissing or blowing at this party and trust me everyone was relieved.

First we enjoyed playing Mafia for one round in which I was the Mafia (and I kicked total ass by the way), we transitioned to Taboo and then onto charades before finally making up the improv games as we went along. Eventually we played "continue this movie/book/song line" that morphed into "guess the song from the first 10 seconds". Even at a "party", us dorks like to play games that challenge our minds, just a little bit.

The outfit I was wearing at this party will be included in my later post--I'm thinking about posting a Look Book of all my new Paris clothes…still thinking it over so I'm not completely sure yet.

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