June 5, 2014

Dolphins, Tigers, and Friends oh my!

Last weekend was full of fun! (#MomLingo) After our last Final, our English exam, a group of friends and I went to stay at Kim's house for a sleepover. This was our last outing before Shiv, Oisin, Kim and possibly others move away from our school. 

Aliah and me

We started off the afternoon by belting out Frozen songs in the car on our way to Kim's house, half of us sitting on someone's lap, and as soon as we got to her house we jumped in the pool. It was a gorgeously sunny afternoon (with a few clouds and rain, that's Manila weather for you) and we had a lot of fun swimming around each other, and usually, on top of one another.

Dem swimmer shoulders tho

All together there were 8 of us: myself, Aliah, Kim, Oisin, Shiv, Shay, John, Celene, and Ropil.

Half the time we were wearing various articles of clothing just to traipse around the house and return to the pool

Our diet was fabulous, we ordered about 17 things of fries (or some other absurd number) and we all just grazed

We played "ping pong" (albeit it not very well) inside Kim's house--you were at danger of being hit by that little plastic orange ball anywhere within two miles of the house

After we had finished swimming, we all showered ("rotate!"; "someone pass the shampoo!"; "someone is stepping on my FOOT!") and piled back into Kim's car.

All us girls coordinated our outfits (at first without realizing, and then working for it): we call ourselves the Double-Layered-Hat-Crew

We went bowling, Ropil's girlfriend and her twin sister joined us as well. Kim and I held the lane as John and Oisin went to buy socks while Aliah and Ropil and Shiv and Oisin went to pick up Ropil's girlfriend.

I feel bad for the people bowling in the lanes next to us, we were loud and most of us ended collapsed on the floor after throwing the ball. (I don't know either) John, Celene, and I were the masters of bowling and eventually it narrowed down to a competition between the sexes. The result can't be counted because the men gave up halfway through (naturally). 

After bowling we went to the food court and enjoyed a range of delectable cuisines (Kim, Celene, and I dined on Dairy Queen). Later we returned to Kim's place for a rousing game of Just Dance and Truth or Dare (with some very sexual dares, might I add--it was quite funny actually). We also had a midnight feast on chocolate muffins (the huge ones from Costco), cookies, Snickers (involved in one of my Dares actually), soda, cheesy popcorn etc. 

We ended the night with comedy/horror movies that we all fell asleep watching. We didn't wake up until about 9:45, and I was supposed to leave at 9. Oops. I rushed my goodbyes and made it home by 10:30.

Thankfully, my mother was also late so we ended up leaving for the beach a little later. Eh, it was fine.

We left for Subic the same day--it was a long drive to our resort. We went with my mother's friend Fay, a coworker that lives in our building. We hung out by the pool on Friday and Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon we went to Subic Ocean Adventure where we swam with Nala the dolphin!

Nala was a gorgeous, very gentle bottle nose dolphin. We fed her, she gave us two rides across the lagoon, and we even danced with Nala! My mother was quite scared, she can't even swim, but she eventually got over it and enjoyed the amazing situation.

We held hands…

Got a cheek kiss…

Even smooched for real!

We held her tail

Gave her a hug

Fed her and we even tickled Nala, she laughed and splashed us back

We also got to dance with Nala! You tuck your legs around Nala's body and pull her fins close to your body as she spins you around faster than the teacups at Disneyworld. It was truly incredible.

The first ride from Nala we got we held onto her two side fins and she swam on her back. The second ride we held onto her dorsal fin. 

My mother, Fay, Nala, and me

The thing I most loved about this Ocean Adventure park was the fact that unlike SeaWorld (a truly awful, awful, terrible place)--these trainers and employees actually love the animals they take care of. And due to that love, the animals are treated very nicely, safely, and with respect. They don't overbreed their animals and take great care of them, something really important to me.

The next day we went to the Zoobic Park where you can go riding in a jeep where tigers and lions eat chicken from your hand and jump on top of your jeep. 

We only saw one lion and he was huge

Okay, they eat the chicken from the guide's hand but still--it was so cool

The tigers were the main attraction, several of them ran around and rode on top of the jeeps for the chicken

The Zoobic park also treats their animals respectfully--both parks are very highly recommended for animal activists

Tigers aren't the cleanest eaters…

You ride through the tiger and lion enclosures in these caged jeeps with windows on the roof so you can see up to the tiger

These are the trams that you ride around the park when you tour, you also have the option of driving your own car if you want. The park itself is huge and gives you glimpses of so many different animals, ranging from pigs to ostriches to tigers and banana snakes.

The tigers not in the enclosure for chicken tour time, they slept or paced or peed in their roomy cages. Fun fact: if a tiger pees on you the smell stays for four days. 

After our tiger close encounter, we trekked to the crocodile pit where you can "fish" for crocodiles with more chicken.

You are given bamboo sticks with fishing line attached to chicken to dangle in front of the crocodiles

My outfit for the day was a daisy jumpsuit from Forever 21 and zipper Converse. 

I wasn't particularly fond of the crocodile pit because many people tease the crocodiles, not ever actually giving them the chicken. It just didn't seem very…nice. 

Now I'm back in the States, I survived a 29 hour journey "yesterday" and am still exhausted. More stories will emerge from this summer trip, if time is any indication, and the Paris series will also continue. 


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