August 30, 2014

How to Make Your House into a Home

If you're like me or my friends, you've moved several times in your life. I don't just mean moving across town or two houses down, I mean moving cities, states, even countries.

And if you haven't moved throughout your childhood and adolescent years, chances are you're planning to soon: for college or for your after-college ambitions.

Whether you're moving into a dorm, an apartment, a townhouse, an actual house (and everything in between) there are several ways to make it seem more like your home rather than just a place you sleep and eat.

1) Candles

(p.s Please forgive the poor quality of these photos: the light, ironically, worked against me when taking them--as always you can click on them to get a bigger version) 

Although many dorms don't allow candles (some sort of 'fire hazard' mishigas), they are a wonderful way to light up your home and to get you to relax and make it feel more warm, soft, and home-y.

There's a reason all magical enchantments require the presence of candles and the best relaxing moments you will ever have include scented candles burning: not only are they used for illumination but candles have always helped to calm and focus, as well as to relax. 

Keeping candles in various places throughout your house makes for a happy, centered, calm life. (Plus when the power inevitably goes out, you have them accessible)

2) Pictures

I always have pictures around me, it helps serve as a reminder of a fun time you had with friends and family or a beautiful place you visited etc. I place them in my room, on my walls, on my bookshelf, and even on my desk. They're also nice to look at when you're feeling homesick.

I made collages on my closet doors of postcards and pictures as well, an extra way for me to be reminded of places I want to visit, things I want to try, and a daily representation of the people I love and look up to. Cutting letters out of old magazines is a good way to begin the collage, if you want to use letters.

As you can see, I don't have just pictures of family members on my People collage, I also have pictures of 'celebrities' that I look up to. (Notice Troye Sivan and Jack and Finn Harries? What about Katy Perry and Carrie Underwood? Or my babies Aggi and Ellie?) My 'Things' category is made up of things I would like to do/experience from my bucket list. My 'Places' category is mostly made of postcards my grandparents have brought back from their various trips around the world. 

3) Organization

Another great way to beat the feeling of living in a hotel is to have some sort of organizational system in place. If you always have a definite place for your pens, socks, or hair ties you'll feel less scattered and more grounded with a sense of routine. (Plus you'll lose things less!)

I keep all of my bags in plastic storage bins that live under my bed--they're accessible when I need them and out of sight when I don't. 

Finding storage solutions (especially when you're living in a cramped space such as a dorm or an apartment) is tough, but vital. It will take some time, some hard labor, and, most importantly, some reasoning to find where to put everything but once you do, that should become its definite place. If you move things around, you'll forget where they are and you'll lose them more easily. 

4) Mementos 

When living on your own, or with roommates/parents/siblings etc., it's important to keep your own personal items that send the homeyness into overdrive. It could be your favorite coffee mug, a scrapbook, a box that you keep all of your Great-Grandmother's jewelry in etc. Whatever little memento reminds you of something or holds sentimental value. 

That said, don't use the words 'momentos' or 'sentimental value' (or 'collection') to hide your hoarder tendencies--keep things because they are practical and/or functional or just because they have such memories you cannot physically bear to get rid of them. Notice my 'collection' of mugs, books, and elephants? Yeah. 

This box is the perfect memento: I picked it up in Bali from a local woodworking shop that did beautiful pieces. (I nearly got an elephant instead but figured this would be more practical) I keep letters/gifts from friends inside (Amrita's '50-ish Reasons to Smile' cards are first, Chummy's letter is in there as well as....another letter I got last year *blush*)

5) Pets

Sadly, dorms don't allow for pets either. :( I don't know why, pets have been proven to boost the moods of pretty much everyone and anyone. At least, my bubbies do :)

Look at that ridiculous lil' nugget. And, as always, if breathing pets aren't allowed, you could always go the stuffed route! (Animals people, animals) I've got both!

How do you make your house feel like home? Got suggestions? Leave a comment below or post it on one of my social media(s)! 


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