September 12, 2014

Spirit Week 2014!

I think everyone has experienced Spirit Week at least once in their lifetime and if you haven't, should. 

For our school, it's the one week of the year where we can dress out of our uniform (either following the costume prompts or not) and get really loud and crazy at the House Rally on Friday.

Last year, Spirit Week was a blast! We had great themes and stellar costume opportunities. A little #tbt for those who weren't there:

Aliah feat. Fashion Disaster Day

Shiv feat. Nerd Day

The girls and I at House Rally (go Azure!)
This year the themes were less well received, but still heartfelt and outfits were planned with enthusiasm. (p.s. some of the exact items I'm wearing aren't available so I've put alternatives for you)

Celesty and I were twins for "Matching Monday" so we went shopping on Sunday and absolutely fell in love with a crop top/overall set at Guess. We absolutely couldn't resist so we each bought the overalls and the crop top, planning to wear a black camisole underneath due to our school's modesty codes.

Celesty and Moi feat. Matching Monday 2014

                 xx          xx               xx

The result of our 'overall' experiment (I couldn't help myself, I blame Chummy) was the cutest success I've ever experienced. There's no doubt in my mind, we looked so. cute. Awww. Such cuteness.

"Tourist Tuesday"

I decided not to dress up in the traditional form of "Tourist Tuesday" with the floral Hawaiian shirts and the cameras and the suitcases and go with a simple baggy shirt and sweats.

"Wacky Wednesday"

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                                               xx            xx           xx

I tried to go for wacky but actually ended up with "damn cute"/"square dance chic". The beret was hand knitted by my grandmother, the skirt from Old Navy, and the flannel shirt from Forever 21. The ring I got at a small shop in Vietnam and the locket, as always, was given to me by my grandparents from their trip to Croatia. My earrings were scavenged from my last trip to a thrift shop. (My dove grey flats look so dark because I accidentally walked through a huge puddle of water and they got soaked -.-)

(For contrast, this is my friend Benny for Wacky Wednesday)

"Throwback Thursday"

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                   xx           xx           xx

I went "full hippie" for #tbt day. The romper is from Forever 21, the flower crown from a homemade vendor on the streets of NYC, my zipper Converse, and the sunglasses are so old that I don't remember where I got them. The "Love" midi ring set is also from Forever 21. I also had on my dolphin earring piece but it fell off somewhere and got lost :'(

"House Rally Friday"

The House Rally is a long-standing school tradition. Each of us are separated into three houses: Azure, Emerald, or Gold. And we all gather in the gym at the end of Spirit Week to take photos, see who has the loudest/best cheer, compete against each other in "sports" such as basketball free throws and the giant tug-of-war match. Basically just to give us all a chance to color our hair and our faces and to scream our lungs out with confetti falling all around us. 

The shirt was, obviously, school issue, the shorts were probably Target, zipper Converse again, and diamond stud earrings. Best to keep it basic when you're going to be screaming your lungs out in a crowded gym.

After all this excitement, there was one of the annual talent show's, "Lions Roar". I had several friends showcasing their talents within the show so I stayed with friends to watch it and had a blast, despite the heat. (And then faced a 3 hour bus ride home bc Manila traffic)

What are some favorite traditions of yours from your school days? (Including college, homeschoolers etc.) What are some of your favorite memories with your friends on those days?


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