October 12, 2014

Halloween Party Prep

As anyone who knows me can tell, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I've loved it ever since I was little, and the holiday really peaked for me in middle school when I would celebrate with Ammie by trick-or-treating in her (and my constant crush's) neighborhood and then sleeping over at her house (an all-time favorite place of mine). 

Enjoy this archived photo of me from several Halloween's ago raging about the Scrooge's who give out yellow mints on Halloween

We would go around with Dani and occasionally Maitri and sometimes those two would stay over with us. It's a sugar-filled night of fun and abandon when we would strut around in heels that hurt (well at least I did, Dani's boobs couldn't breathe in her sexy Pirate outfit and Amrita dressed appropriately for the evening. Prude. JK ilysm)

Anyway, since moving to Manila the tradition has kind of died (at least on my end) so I decided to have a little Halloween party this year, complete with costumes and themed-food. Plus, it can be a kind of final farewell to Kim who is (sadly) leaving us in November.

I've never considered myself very DIY-y so to do the invitations myself was quite a challenge to undertake. 

Since I am the sort of person who would rather buy invitations and decorations than make them myself, I decided to start small. I made a little business card-sized invite template on Word and printed them out.

I cut out the individual cards and bobby pinned them to a piece of card stock. (If you're asking why I didn't just print the invites directly onto the card stock, I tried and it didn't work *sigh*) Then I cut out a square of the card stock around the invite and glued the invite to the card stock. 

On the back I hand wrote the info that wouldn't fit on the front, like my phone number, "come in costume", and (not pictured) the time of the party. Handwriting some of these details gives a homier feel to them, even though they're obviously DIY.

All-in-all my first foray into the world of DIY was a successful one, even if it was rather minute. I'm not ready to paper maché a prom dress out of toilet paper or wallpaper my house with duct tape yet, but at least I know I can make invitations! And honestly, now that I've done it, I like them so much more. Idk, it just shows a to more effort and caring if you do them yourself rather than just buy them.

What are your Halloween plans? Having a party? Going to a party? Going trick-or-treating or hosting a scary movie marathon? Let me know in the comments! 


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