November 5, 2014

The Inspiration Board Dilemma

Credit for both the beautiful board and the picture goes here (xx)

I stumbled upon the inspiration for this post as I was flipping through some very Pinterest-worthy Inspiration Boards, trying to find some inspiration myself.

I've been struggling lately under the mounting pressures of schoolwork, not to mention trying to keep any semblance of a social life together, plus this lovely blog that has always been a passion of mine so it didn't feel like work. Now, I'm not trying to make excuses or come off really whiney--everyone has to face stressful situations, especially my fellow high school members can relate to exactly what I'm going with, but all this pressure and stress has made it difficult to think of inspired blog posts to share with the world that's not just dead space and so...I went looking for inspiration

This gorgeous board (and the pic) belongs here (xx)

I figured that if I were to begin gathering magazine articles, words, clippings, pictures, random trinkets etc. that I've kept for one reason or another and display them all in one place, I could draw on that board for inspiration when I feel lacking.

As I was doing this procrastinating research, I realized something: I already have inspiration boards, in many different forms, all around me! 

As mentioned in a previous post, I have collages on my bedroom walls of places I want to visit/have visited, things I want to do/have done, and people that inspire me daily. These are a few inspirations boards that are visible, but they're like an iceberg: this is only the surface of my inspiration.

I have a beautifully, ornately carved wooden box with a gilded lock that I got from a woodcarver in Bali--in this I keep personal things, poems I've received, letters, and the 50+ Reasons to Smile cards that Amrita gave me for Christmas last year <3 

Next to that on my shelf I have a Chinese tea box that did, at one point, have tea in it. Now it houses all the magazine articles I tear out of magazines--stories that struck me, inspired me etc. 

In the closet next to these treasures, hides an even more personal one housed in the most inconspicuous place: a neon pink Forever 21 shoe box. And in this neon pink Forever 21 shoe box are little trinkets and mementos: I have movie stubs in there, maps from places I've visited, a ticket from the golf tournament I watched where Tiger Wood was playing etc. Just small stuff that was too precious to throw out. 

All of this is a source of daily inspiration for me, and I'm betting you have little things like this around your house/room as well. It could be a picture, a poster you saved because you liked the design, a scrapbook...anything!

And remember: inspiration isn't just the motivating factors to write, to get out, get healthy, get a new job, travel etc. Sometimes you just need inspiration to get out of bed. And that's okay.f


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