November 25, 2014

Vom Fass

A new store recently opened in Mom and I's local mall (SM Aura), Vom Fass. 

Mom stopped by as she was eating dinner with a friend in the new Greek restaurant next door and brought me back when we were out shopping this past weekend. Vom Fass, German for "direct from the cask", is a specialty shop that sells oils, vinegar, liqueurs, and whiskeys directly from the barrel!

Aged whiskey kept in barrels, literally on tap for your pleasure!

The store is set up so gorgeously with stacked barrels of whiskey, ceramic vases with oil and vinegar, and glass containers that hold the liqueur. You pick from a variety of different glass bottles with either cork or screw tops and you pay for the bottle and the liquid that fills the bottle. 

You can try tiny spoon samples of the liqueurs but fair warning! Some of that stuff is strong and will have you a fair bit tipsy for a couple of hours. 
The bottles are all hand-labeled in such pretty penmanship with bows and everything!

Mom tried the Gingerbread Liqueur during her night out with Susan

When we went back last weekend, Mom tried the Blueberry Liqueur with Grappa and liked it enough to get 100ml of it for home

I tried the lime liqueur and not only was it strong, it was good and not as overpowering as the other liqueur I tried, a mango concoction, so we got a nice little bottle for the house as well

We picked up some nice little presents for my Aunts and my grandparents and will definitely be returning to Vom Fass to make up half the presents my teachers will receive this Christmas! (They are an international company and you can find their website for your respective country here)

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