December 6, 2014

Saturday Morning Pancakes

It's been a while since I last had pancakes for breakfast, I mean normally I grab a small protein bar or something on my way to the bus stop, so I decided to try out a new recipe this morning. (Plus my friend was bragging about his family's tradition of having "pancake morning" which is every Thursday morning or something they have pancakes before school so I had pancakes on the brain)

Turns out there are a lot of ingredients you need if you don't have any Bisquick! It took me a good ten minutes to assemble everything needed on the dining room table, as our kitchen is basically a shoe box with an oven and no counter space. I played some Christmas music and really got into it!
First you have to combine the milk and the vinegar and let them "sour" for five minutes, a step I was really unsure about because I had read somewhere that sometimes pancakes that use vinegar only taste like vinegar. I figured the YOLO principle applied so I went with it. 

Aggi was, clearly, very excited about my breakfast
Nothing like making a royal mess whilst wearing your pajamas and an apron with an art print on it you did in 3rd grade
After a while it was finally time to actually cook the pancakes and, not to brag, this is my specialty. See, my grandmother is wonderful at making pancakes and she used to always let me flip them with her pretty purple pancake flipper so I got really good at that part. (Her 'cakes are still the best I've ever had btw) 

Beautiful and yummy
My oven is probably the appliance in my house I use the least so it took me a couple incorrect tries figuring out which knob turns on which burner but eventually I got it. 
There were much better looking ones than the crinkled one, promise
Mom and I picked this up at our neighborhood Whole Foods/Dean and Deluca-esque grocery store and I was dying to try it out--turned out to be completely delicious! 
Her "sharing is caring" face
The stack was gone at the end of the meal
But who can resist that little face?
So I threw her a little piece (or 2)

You can find the recipe here, I would definitely recommend carving out some quality family time in the morning to make them--they're delicious! (Just try doubling the recipe or so if you've got 3+ hungry people because the batch isn't huge) 

What's your favorite breakfast tradition/food? 


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