March 28, 2014

Why We're So Afraid of the Dentist (or maybe it's just me…)

After spending all morning either a) traveling to and from the hospital or b) in the hospital itself, I settled myself in for a quiet rest of the day at home. (I'm fine by the way, just some strained and torn tendons in my ribcage) However, this dream of a quiet afternoon was shattered when I remembered I had a dental appointment.

Now, if you're like me, the mere thought of the dentist is enough to send shivers up your spine. For a couple of months/years now, I've been scared of the dentist (and the orthodontist also if you're like me and have had retainers/lip bumpers/braces etc.) 

I don't consciously remember when this fear started, but I do remember sitting in the dentists' chair with my palms sweating and pulse racing (that counts as exercise right?) Apart from the fact that it was a dentist who invented the electric chair, I don't see a logical reason that I should be scared of the dentist who, not counting the prolonged hours I've spent with sharp metal objects poking around my mouth, has done nothing to me.

I wasn't always afraid of the dentist, I think I grew into it as I grew older (you can outgrow fears, seems logical that you can grow into them too) and according to the internet 15% of my fellow Americans and 26% of people surveyed in the UK feel this way as well. It's possible this whole thing started when my lip bumper was removed (some of the most painful, tear-stained memories I've ever experienced in public) however I don't actively remember feeling trepidatious about entering Dr. Cas' office after that…hmm… 

It could also be stemming from the multiple reports of people dying in the dentists' chair whilst getting their wisdom teeth removed…it could also refer back to my numero uno fear of drowning and the excess buildup of water in my mouth at the dentists' office rehashes that painful experience for me. I don't know…I do know there are some ways to deal with this fear that I've developed.

More and more dentists are catching onto this trick of mounting televisions on the ceiling so the patient can watch movies or shows or whatever while getting their teeth worked on, a nice distraction technique I believe. Today, the dental assistant perfectly pegged my personality and started playing Beyoncé preforming "Single Ladies" at one of her concerts. It took all my self control to not start wiggling my hips and gyrating along with her onstage whilst in the chair with four hands in my mouth.

If your dental office is suspiciously lacking a television planted on the ceiling, try to distract yourself and calm your nerves by breathing as normally as you can whilst thinking about something sequentially. It's not a hard trick, I first learned this when we would do our 25m's underwater without breathing (for those of you non-swimmers, that is one lap of the pool completely underwater with no breathing and no above-water strokes, we would usually do this about 25-40 times). You can sing the alphabet song perpetually in your head, start counting from 1-100 and even beyond if you need to. You can also count backwards and sing your favorite song in your head, something that keeps your mind thinking about what's coming next rather than what's going on in your mouth.

So this is my blog post about basically nothing…if you have any tips on how to keep from having a panic attack in the dentists chair, drop a comment below or let me know on one of my various avenues of communication above. Stay fabulous lovelies (I should have a nickname for my tens of readers…hmm…I'll muse on it)

March 23, 2014

Mga Kaibigan at Ice Cream

Me at CPK with Chummy and Andy, featuring my Lush mini-haul

Saturday brought about the tradition of another #Fate date, however this one was a bit amended. Traditions change right? Right. Our friend Andy came along for the ride and we had an absolute blast! 

We first stopped in Healthy Options (literal favorite store) to buy some snackies for the day and as Andy bought her tea, Tate found the Cous Cous and nearly had a panic attack. We then moved onto Lush, which was no small trip if you know us at all. After tearing ourselves away from the collection of beautifully-smelling products, we wandered for a bit before stopping in a beauty store entitled Personal Care Exchange (or PCX).
One of T's purchases, you can read her blog post about it here

PCX is like Ulta or Sephora (for those of you in the States) plus CVS or Walgreens. (Think…Watsons or Boots for those of you elsewhere) I, in particular, was looking for liquid eyeliner (which I found thanks to Andy aka Eyeliner-Queen-of-the-Universe's advice) and hand lotion. Tate found many products that she bought and Andy was already tapped out money-wise. Tate also ran out of money after our stop at PCX, but that didn't stop our momentum.
Me modeling my TopShop beanie for Amrita

After the PCX, we moved on to TopShop and each picked one or two items of clothing to try on. Tate found a black tulle skirt and a Naya Rivera-esque top that I forced her into, I grabbed a black jumpsuit that was just to die for, and Andy picked up the coziest pink sweater.

Tate and I shared a dressing room and it was a sweaty mess, probably because we were laughing and trying to avoid making eye contact the entire time. She rocked the skirt and top in my opinion, but couldn't wait to get them off. I could not get the pantsuit past my hips, and neither could Tate so that was a total design flaw. By the time we got our own clothes back on and had adjusted things so we were decent enough to walk around, Andy had already tried on her sweater and taken it off without showing us. 
Trés jolie, non?

Our next stop was a cute little Japanese ice cream bar where we all dined on cookie-dough ice cream sandwiches. T and I had "plain" vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough whilst Andy was a tad more adventurous in her choice: a green tea ice cream confection.
Is this delectable or what?! Tastes even better than it looksInstagram

The little shop was cute and perfect for blog-worthy photographs to be taken as there was no one else present except for the girl behind the counter and a mother with her son that wandered in towards the end of our visit. 
La femme de manger sa glace
Très jolie femme avec les cheveux violet
Le café, tout rose et noir et beau
#"Pas Filtre", autre très jolie femme

After our ice cream break, we spent the rest of our afternoon going around from shop to shop trying on various articles of…lets call them clothing of which we had no intention of purchasing. Eventually we decided lunch was in order and California Pizza Kitchen was elected.
Yummy-ness captured in one photo

Our first notion at the beginning of our day was to eat the same Turtle Ice Cream Sundae that Kim enjoyed in this post, but after we arrived, actual food was decided upon for lunch. So we ordered the same Margherita pizza, in an effort to be "healthy" (incidentally also featured in that post) and split it 3 ways.
Dalawang magagandang batang babae, yes?

All together it was a wonderful day with wonderful friends and I can't wait for the next #Fate date experience.

(You will find photos of my outfit on Tate's blog as well--it will be included in my Paris Look Book that will be posted sometime later)
March 21, 2014

Mid Spring's Night BBQ

Not my photo, but one of the dishes served at the BBQ

Being the Academic Bowl club of our school…we are total party animals (naturally!) so it only made sense to have a blowout, end-of-school, half-the-team-going-to-Singapore-for-a-competition BBQ at a teachers house near school. (Incidentally, I'm part of the team going to Singapore, however that will not be covered in this post.) 

We all gathered after school today in my English teacher's room, our normal practice room, before collectively walking over to Mr. Sinclair's house, the English teacher hosting the BBQ. Each of us brought little munchies, I brought organic corn chips and salsa, someone else brought Cheetos, and still someone else brought a chocolate loaf and Korean chips. (Eugene, a freshman, brought peanut butter KitKat's and we all loved him 200x more than usual)

Not my photo again, but a similar picture of what the salad looked like

After snacking on these for a while, we transitioned to pita bread and hummus (plus three other dips/toppings that I cannot recall the names of), brown rice salad (that was the most refreshing thing ever I cannot get over it), and some pork and chicken for the meat-eaters of the group. The whole meal was delicious and I cannot commend the Lindsay-Sinclair's on their cooking enough.

After eating and celebrating Mr. Sinclair's birthday with a lovely brownie cake that we enjoyed eating straight from the pan, the teenagers made our way inside as the adults stayed outside in the wind tunnel that was the patio. (Actually, the skirt I was wearing kept being swept up in the wind--I'm pretty sure I flashed everyone present but hey, that's what underwear was invented for)

There was no kissing or blowing at this party and trust me everyone was relieved.

First we enjoyed playing Mafia for one round in which I was the Mafia (and I kicked total ass by the way), we transitioned to Taboo and then onto charades before finally making up the improv games as we went along. Eventually we played "continue this movie/book/song line" that morphed into "guess the song from the first 10 seconds". Even at a "party", us dorks like to play games that challenge our minds, just a little bit.

The outfit I was wearing at this party will be included in my later post--I'm thinking about posting a Look Book of all my new Paris clothes…still thinking it over so I'm not completely sure yet.
March 15, 2014

Foodfest 2014: Lions in Candyland

This was a very highly requested post by my Chummy so here we go.

Every year our school holds an "International Food Festival" (or Foodfest) and the Junior class sets it all up to raise money for Prom for the Seniors (and themselves, but mostly for the Seniors). This year the theme was "Lions in Candyland". 

The day is wonderful and there is lots of food to choose from from each of the countries represented at our school. I had some of the best potato samosas from the Indian booth and some great chocolate chip cookies from the American booth, the lines were so long everywhere else and I knew we were going out to dinner afterwards anyway. 
(Tate, Kim, Me, and Celesty)

The real draw of Foodfest is the giant activities fair that takes place on the massive lawn/track/soccer and rugby fields behind the school. They have a giant bouncy house for those still young and limber enough, a mechanical bull, a dunk tank, face painting, hair spraying, and the "main attraction" (of my clan anyway): the Jail Booth. You pay five tickets and choose anyone present at the fair to be put in jail for 5-10 minutes.
(Chummy was thrilled to be hauled into jail)

It was the absolute best to see people struggle when the Juniors (in which they smartly chose the fastest and most attractive) rounded them up. When we put our friend Shiv in jail, the Junior actually had to carry her to jail and we about died laughing at her struggle. Then again, as Chummy pointed out, she actually wins because he's touching her so…
(Have the photo that makes my family think I'm T's lesbian lover *wink wink*)

After dark settles, the talent show starts and the fun only continues. My friends and I had a PHENOMENAL time dancing along to the little kids' rendition of "Kiss You" by One Direction in which we were joined by our great History teacher (who danced the Can Can with us later when the ballet girls actually did the Can Can). We all sit on the lawn and sing along (the Faculty band sang "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds, it nearly gave Tate and I heart attacks because we absolutely LOVE the Breakfast Club "It'll be ANARCHY" okay I'm done) with the songs, laugh at the cute magician who was actually really talented, and just generally have a blast.
(Tate and Me, Kim and Me, the back of Andy and My's heads)

We like to think of Foodfest as the Coachella of Brent. After the talent show, and after dark has truly fallen, the fireworks begin. This year the fireworks were absolutely incredible and T got some great shots! They had hearts and smiley faces and crackling willow trees and sparkly ones… (Hear our "Ooohs" and "Ahhh"s in the background?) 

After all the festivities of Foodfest 2014 were over, I took my car full of hitchhikers (aka Shiv, Kim, and Jonathan) and we went to CPK for dinner. Kim, my petite dynamo (love you Kim!), ate a GIANT turtle sundae for dinner as JonJon, Shiv, and I shared a Margherita pizza (<3) and then went to Dairy Queen. All in all it was a magical day that I adored spending with friends. 
(Kim and that ridiculous sundae that weighs more than she does)

Before we went to Foodfest, Kim and I did some shopping at Forever 21 near my house which is where we got the adorable flower crowns that made us feel so boho chic. 
To see more pictures and read more about Foodfest 2014, click over to my Chummy's blog here. I will leave you with a picture of my glorious sleeping self. XOXO