September 28, 2014

Twentieth Anniversary

Everyone has heard of Friends, and I'm positive everyone has seen at least one episode so the 20th anniversary of the first ever episode was a pretty big deal. Here in Manila, a celebration was planned at the new SM mall in ParaƱaque, a mall not even finished opening yet. My friend Nikki, one half of the famous Hilker Twins, was invited to sing along with other students of her performing school at a tribute concert for the anniversary celebration. 

A mock Central Perk was set up and everything! (couch included!)
September 22, 2014

It's Nice to be Nice

Last Sunday I was fortunate enough to be able to help my mother prepare meal baskets for people whose homes had been destroyed during the flash flooding we suffered on that Friday. 

Mom found a woman on Facebook who was asking everyone to make either sandwiches or 'meal boxes' for those who were affected by the epic storm. We decided to help out on the spur-of-the-moment and ran out to get all the supplies we would need. 

We cooked rice that we then packaged into wax paper presents, a chicken leg, a hotdog, Oreos, and apples and oranges. Oh, and gravy. Can't forget the gravy!

It felt good to help out, even this little bit! It was very rewarding to think that the basket you made could feed someone who had been through a very tough time and needed a little comfort. And I personally believe there is no better showing of love than something from the oven. Or, in this case, the stovetop. 

It was really incredible to think that this little amount you could accomplish in a couple of hours listening to some music could really affect someone and help them. Because of the glow that still resonates with me, I'm encouraging you to find out how you can help in even the tiniest ways in your own community!  

Is your area natural-disaster free? Volunteer at your local animal shelter or the children's hospital. Offer to make sandwiches for the homeless one afternoon, you could even make 'meal' boxes of your own and keep them in your car giving them to people begging. You can customize your box box so it contains all different kinds of things such as granola bars, a toothbrush, toothpaste, directions to the local shelter etc. 

A personal favorite way of mine to get involved is the Soldier's Angel program. You send care packages and letters to a serviceman or woman stationed overseas, a way of showing them you care and that you thank them for their service. You could also get involved by sheltering abandoned puppies at your house until a proper home can be found, you can even offer tutoring services to people who need them in your community! 

There are so many ways to get involved and it's really worth spending your Saturday or Sunday volunteering. Just think about how much you could be affecting their lives and helping people who really need it! 

What are your favorite ways to get involved in your community?


September 19, 2014

Five Things Being a Competitive Swimmer Taught Me About Life

This is a post that has been floating around my mind a lot lately....probably due to my swimming again. Swimming is a sport that all swimmers will defend to the death but then turn around and complain about to our swimmer's an interesting combination. 

There are a lot of things I've learned in the pool that I find relate to life on land and the best knowledge is shared knowledge so I thought I'd share my nuggets of swimming wisdom with those of you who were born without gills. 

September 12, 2014

Spirit Week 2014!

I think everyone has experienced Spirit Week at least once in their lifetime and if you haven't, should. 

For our school, it's the one week of the year where we can dress out of our uniform (either following the costume prompts or not) and get really loud and crazy at the House Rally on Friday.

Last year, Spirit Week was a blast! We had great themes and stellar costume opportunities. A little #tbt for those who weren't there:

Aliah feat. Fashion Disaster Day

Shiv feat. Nerd Day

The girls and I at House Rally (go Azure!)