December 28, 2015


New year, new look! I've been in love with this blog theme for a really long time and so here it is! I'm ready for 2016, and now My Transformation into a Social Butterfly is too! Major thanks to Dana, the designer behind the Envye theme shop. Her themes are gorgeous and easy to install! She also sells fonts and themes for multiple different platforms. What do you think of Social Butterfly's facelift?

December 23, 2015

How To Save Your Skin When Traveling

With the holidays quickly approaching I know a lot of people will be traveling to visit their loved ones so this post is all about maintaining your skin and beauty care + routine when traveling. (Especially relevant to long-haul flights but still applicable to shorter flights too)
December 15, 2015

Affordable Alternatives

Hopefully you've already read all about the wonderful Cocktails in Wonderland collection the folks at Farfetch Boutique have going on (read all about it here). The outfits are so gorgeous! However, they present a mild conundrum to someone like me: a teenager with very little spending money, certainly not enough to spend over 1000 dollars on a dress!
I made a promise a few weeks ago (that you can see here) that all the fashion and products I feature here will be affordable for teenagers and young adults--people around my age. I certainly haven't forgotten this promise already! All the fashion featured in my Cocktails in Wonderland post last week will be shown here with affordable alternatives in case you saw something you loved but couldn't handle the price tag.
First up is Saint Laurent's ruffled, baby pink 'lulu' dress, retail price on Farfetch: £4,650, roughly $7,000. An affordable alternative is this short, strapless sweetheart neckline dress with knotted detail, retail price on Promgirl: $119.

Paired with lulu are the kick ass 'fetish' ankle boots, retail price on Farfetch: £845, roughly $680. An affordable alternative are these cute, faux-suede lace-up booties from Forever 21, retail price (currently on sale) on F21's website: $19.95.

Next up: this gorgeous, embellished, beaded Oscar de la Renta gown that retails for a whopping £8,190, roughly $12,400. Yeah. An affordable alternative is this v-neck gown from Sherri Hill with detailed neckline that retails for $300.

Finally we had the gothic two-pieces. Farfetch's included the Alessandra Rich Embellished top and the Simone Rocha Embroidered skirt. The top retails for £2,115 (about $3,000) and the skirt for £695 (about $1,050). Nasty Gal's Affordable Alternatives were the Lynette Lace Crop Top and the Soft Centered Lace Wrap skirt. The top is $48 and the skirt is $58.

Happy shopping!

December 12, 2015

Cocktails in Wonderland

This post comes all the way from the UK--shout out to the Brits among us! The wonderful people at Farfetch Boutique asked me to have a look at their Champagne Season holiday collection and sent along a gorgeous infographic from the collection called Cocktails in Wonderland (how yummy is that title?!). Designed with one of the hottest online fashionistas Margaret Zhang, Cocktails in Wonderland takes a fresh approach to party wear, perfect for any upcoming holiday parties. 
Farfetch is a community of over 300 independent boutiques from Seattle to Bucharest that all gather under Farfetch online. If you order from the website, your items are shipped directly from the boutique. With offices all over the world, Farfetch is definitely an international shopping experience.

The Enchanted Escapes look uses the princess-esque femininity of Saint Laurent's latest collection combined with some stark black leather. The soft pink, ruffled, gorgeous dress, fittingly named 'lulu', is paired with some kick ass black leather boots named 'fetish'. Kick up your party game by combining soft elements like pink and tulle with hard black leather. #PrettyLethal

Make way for the Queen! Alexander McQueen, that is. More pink and ruffles and gorgeous pleats are combined with Victorian-era style waistlines and silhouettes, noted to evoke our childhood memories of Beauty and the Beast--a gorgeous castle with a somber story. The romantic, beaded gown in the picture is Oscar de la Renta, and you can find McQueen's soft pink yet somber dresses, as well as some black leather studded booties and a black skull-accessorized clutch, here.

Finally, some Gothic Glamour. This look is all about taking risks in your party fashion. Take inspiration from Maleficent or Alice in Wonderland--push the boundaries of fantasy and reality. The embellished lace top is from Alessandra Rich and the skirt is Simone Rocha. Take inspiration from your favorite childhood fairy tale for your next party look.

I highly suggest having a drool over the rest of the Champagne Season looks. Designers include Valentino, Burberry, more McQueen and Oscar de la Renta and Saint Laurent. For your next big formal occasion, turn to Farfetch--300 boutiques, 1 address.

My thanks to Farfetch for suggesting this post--as always my opinions are my own. I gained nothing of monetary value in exchange for this post.

December 8, 2015

December Zazzle Picks

This total cutie pie of a stocking is a festive blue that will definitely pop next to any traditionally red stockings. The Christmas spirit is only enhanced by the reindeer baby and the personalization makes this the perfect gift for kids & adults alike! 

Dog-lovers and holiday-lovers (aka everyone) will love this pillow. The hand-painted feel of this festive pup will fit in with all holiday decor and is the perfect pillow for the season! (Check out the rest of the designer's store: dachshund art galore!)

Having a New Years Eve party? These invites are perfect! Let your guests know the classy affair they're invited to, and exactly how much champagne will be flowing to get everyone ready for the new year! (Psst the designer also creates a lot of other gorgeous invites, check them out here)
$2.16 per card.

A gorgeous gift for all chocolate lovers! The center message can be customized to include whatever saying you want and the monogram, of course, is customizable based on your recipient! A perfect gift for mom, dad, or yourself!
$31.95 per box
December 5, 2015

Slutty Brownies

In honor of the most gooey, dessert-y month, I present to you: Slutty Brownies. (Slutty because they're quick, easy, and oh so naughty--so says Rosie, the creator of this recipe anyway!)

What You'll Need
1 box of brownie mix
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough mix or ingredients for chocolate chip cookie dough
2 rolls of double stuffed Oreos
Your favorite ice cream (I recommend a creamy vanilla for this one)

What You Do
Preheat your oven to 180 Celsius or 350 Fahrenheit. Get a deep pan and cover it with parchment paper

Make your cookie dough first, either following a box recipe or using the recipe I used--from the back of a Hershey Milk Chocolate Chips bag. It'll take longer this way but extra rich! I suggest adding extra water and oil to the cookie dough batter because you'll be baking it for longer than is normal--it helps keep it moist

As Rosie says squidge the cookie dough into the bottom of the pan. Next, place your double stuffs on top of the cookie dough.

Finally you make your brownie batter! Follow the recipe from the back of the box with no changes and pour on top of your Oreos.

Pop the whole decadent confection into the oven and bake for 30 minutes. The toothpick won't come out completely clean--only because of the ooey gooey middle but the top and bottom layers shouldn't be raw either.

Voila! Dish up a square with your fave ice cream and dig in! As a mega chocolate lover, I feel I should warn you these brownies are so far beyond any other chocolate dessert....ever. Honestly they are the richest, thickest, most filling dessert ever. These are make-once-a-year brownies. These are make-sure-I-have-enough-people-around-to-eat-them brownies.

The original recipe comes from The Londoner--Rosie and her glorious kitchen.

If you try this recipe out, let me know how it goes! I promise you won't be disappointed but you may also not fit into any of your jeans for a few weeks. 

November 30, 2015

November Favorites

Musical duo extraordinaire Oh Wonder
I fell in love with these two first on Twitter and then on their Youtube channel. Their voices mix in such a heavenly way--I love their songs Without You and Drive. #PerpetualRepeat

 I'm always looking for new things to do with my hair and this easy, 60-second tutorial is so pretty and looks simple enough to do in the morning before school.

My featured blogger this month is the Queen of Jetlags
Noor is an avid travel blogger, if her blog's title is any indication, as well as fashionista. Her friendly writing style and gorgeous photos, not to mention her travels, will draw you in. 

I came across this fabulous presentation a couple weeks ago and sat down to watch it in full, an hour long Youtube video is a serious time commitment. Believe me, it's worth it. It will open your eyes to a whole set of information that I didn't previously know anyway. Well worth the time investment. 

This Forever 21 Floral Lace Sheath Dress
Perfect for all the upcoming holiday parties, combing elegance and sophistication with fun, this gorgeous dress is a cool 28 dollars, will fit numerous silhouettes, goes with flats and heels, and is just perfect for a parents-included party.
November 27, 2015

The Last Thanksgiving

...overseas, anyway.
Beautiful Mom in front of the Marco Polo Hotel Christmas Tree

The lasts continue with the last of our Thanksgiving celebrations on foreign territory. No more buffet Thanksgiving dinner, no more worrying about homework because it's a Thursday night with school the next day, no more sushi for dinner and Skyping with family early Friday morning. 

For the past two years Mom and I have gone to the Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas for their spectacular Thanksgiving buffet.
Old dress, F21 Heels (similar here)...can you tell that I had swim practice only a few hours before?

Of course, the point of Thanksgiving is to not only spend time with friends and family, but to stuff your face! Believe me, Mom and I took the opportunity and ran with it...I was still full this morning!

Round One:
Mine: california maki, tuna maki, zucchini and pasta salad
Mom: oysters and smoked salmon
After a little cheese plate, we started small with a few more appetizer-esque bites. Then, we tucked in!

Round Two:
Mine: pumpkin pie slice, tempura shrimp, smoked salmon, salad, brownie
Mom: turkey, roast beef, rice salad, smoked fish, potatoes

There were at least four more rounds of plates like this involving a lot more sushi for me and plenty of the quintessential turkey for Mom. I was too busy eating to get proper pictures of any except the second-to-last two courses.
Mine: pasta with garlic and olive oil and parmesan cheese
Mine: chocolate cheesecake, crab roll, smoked salmon

For me, desserts were essential add-ons to the regular meal...why wait?! I also partook in a four-scoop Neopolitan-style ice cream sundae with vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and pistachio ice cream. I know Mom partook in pumpkin pie, obviously, and the blueberry crumble.

If you're ever in Manila for Thanksgiving, check out the Marco Polo Hotel Thanksgiving buffet--you'll leave just as stuffed as if you were dining on your Aunt Sharon's spaghetti pie....or at least, I did.

What did you do for Thanksgiving? Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions? Share them below!

November 23, 2015

My Christmas List 2015

I always look for inspiration in other people's wish lists so I thought I'd share my own Christmas List this year now that we're only about a month away from the day! (Feel free to steal any items for your own holiday wish list!)

Violet Eyes Perfume
Not only am I a big fan of Miss Liz but this one of her (many) perfumes as well! Violet Eyes has such a sophisticated yet understated scent and I've worn through my bottle from last Christmas already!
Katy Perry Killer Queen Perfume
I'm a little nuts about perfume so another of my wishes is Katy Perry's perfume. This one I actually don't have but I've rubbed my face in enough of its adverts in magazines to remember it!
'Teal the Cows Come Home' Nail Polish
The only nail polish I consistently ask for/buy--Teal the Cows Come Home is somewhat of my 'signature color' although I do change up my nail color quite frequently. There's something about this particular creamy shade of blue that I adore and it has become a staple on my list every year.
Matte Black Nail Polish
Really the only matte nail color that I like is black so this year I've added matte black nail polish to the list. (I'm a little nuts about my nails too)
iSwim Shirt
I found this wonderful little company on Twitter--they make swim-themed shirts, water bottles, swim caps, and, of course, swim suits! I feel like my big shoulders give away my swim history however why not advertise my specific stroke?
Donation to Save the Elephants
Elephants, besides being my favorite animal, are endangered creatures--preyed upon by the disgusting ivory industry. I urge you: never buy ivory! You're contributing to the slaughter of some of the most beautiful, compassionate animals on earth. I also urge you to donate, or ask others to donate, to this wonderful charity: Save the Elephants.
Dream Catcher
I've always had a special belief in old traditions that cultures preserve for centuries. The dream catcher is a Native American tradition that says all negative dreams will get caught in the web of the catcher while positive dreams will go through the center hole. I've had a dream catcher before and they absolutely work! Lately I've been having more nightmares than normal, I credit it to my stress levels, so this dream catcher, made authentically by Native Americans and sold directly through them, is on my list.
Forever 21 Gift Cards
One of my favorite stores, as you can all probably tell from their monthly inclusion on my Monthly Favorites list! I don't tend to ask directly for clothes but instead for gift cards because I do a fair bit of shopping online, living in Manila we don't get all the items the US stores do, and I change my mind a lot. Plus, shopping for your own clothes is a lot of fun!
Ivory Ella Shirts
Ivory Ella is another elephant-based charity only this one offers donations in the form of shirts, water bottles, and phone cases! I found Ivory Ella through Twitter and immediately fell in love with their products--enough so that two of their shirts ended up on my list!
Luna Lantern
Finally I discovered this Luna Lantern on Tumblr. At the moment the lanterns are only available through the indiegogo page they have set up and they're more expensive than all the other items on my list but as someone who believes wholeheartedly in the magic of the moon and the power it has, I'm definitely crushing on them!