February 6, 2015

Resolutions Revisted

I feel the need to explain the little video post I left you with before I headed to Shanghai....In my 2014: Rewind post I mentioned my resolutions for this year. Now that it's February I've found I added a few more to my list:

I'm teaching myself to be ambidextrous--since I was little I eat with my left hand dominate, while in the rest of life I am right hand dominate so I decided to try and become fully ambidextrous. First of all, what a useful skill! Secondly there are very few people in the world who claim the ambidextrous title and to be among them would be a great accomplishment.

I've decided to try and make videos to document my year in addition to the thousands of picture I already take. The Christmas video got a little more reflective than I planned on getting (with the voice over and all) and the rest of the videos that I'm planning shouldn't be so deep and reflective. Hope you enjoy the videos by the way, as I document basically everything on my blog I'd love for your feedback on my videos!

And finally, I want to try and explore my depth of feeling a lot more. Too often I find myself not fully exploring my feelings about something and when I do recognize those feelings I want to express them more. (This goes hand-in-hand with a previous resolution that I'm still working on: learn to say no without a reason and without feeling guilty.)

So.....that's the video explanation and a little tack-on to the resolutions post. What about your resolutions? Have you added to them? Have you kept any? 


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