April 26, 2015

Dealing With An Injury

My plans for blog posts this week were derailed again by an unexpected occurrence in the form of an injury. I figured I could blog about this as, and both Ammie and Mom will attest to this, I've had my fair share and then some of injuries. I haven't had one in a while but this one is more on the serious side so I figured....

  1. Don't overdo it.  When you feel something pop or pull or snap...stop! Stop working out or doing what you're doing. Normally it's nothing too serious that a few days of taking it easy and some ice won't cure. If it continues, see number 2:
  2. Get help when you need it.  I know too many people, and I've been there myself, that don't go to the doctor until it's much later into their injury and it has progressively gotten worse than it was at the beginning. It's much better to seek a professional's advice on something when it's minor rather than needing more of their services when it has become something major.
  3. An ice pack is a necessity.  Also, ace bandages to wrap joints, Advil and Tylonol, a thermometer, orange juice, cough/throat lozenges, NyQuil for the nights you can't sleep. Essentials for when you're feeling bad. 
  4. Crutches suck.  Know this in advance. Know that your arms and your side and your back will hurt so much your first day after using them. Oh, and stuffed animals taped to the armpit rests make it better.
  5. If you have to call in it.  But don't phone it in when you can make it. Some days you really can't do it and have to stay home from school/work. Other days you may feel a bit sniffly but know you can make you go. Don't get into the habit of skipping when your allergies act up. Only stay home because you really have to.
  6. Don't fake an injury.  Like number 5, faking an injury leads us down a slippery slope. Fake an injury too many times and someone is bound to find out and they will never again believe you truly when you actually are injured. It's the Boy Who Cries Wolf story, but it applies.
  7. Naps are your best friend.  When you have the flu, orange juice, hot soup, and naps are your new besties. Naps even make injuries feel better!
Do you have any go-to tricks when you get sick? What about injuries? 


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