April 18, 2015

Social Media Shakeups!

I feel like I've left my blog for ages and ages!! I have more posts coming up so this is just a filler sort of post about my social media pages.
Instagram -- one of my favorite of the social media platforms, I try to use it in accordance with my blog plus other more random photos. I just linked this one with my blog so check it out!  
Tumblr -- I love Tumblr so much, it's just a creative space where I can go and relax and not really have to think about 'real life' for a while. While you're there, be sure you check out the 'My Pictures' tab because I post pictures from blog posts that aren't posted anywhere else, including this blog!
BLOGLOVIN -- you can follow both my blog and my own personal profile on this site. I check my Bloglovin' feed at least once, usually two or even three times, a day and I've discovered so many of my favorite bloggers through here! Rosie, Kenza, Lauren, Brooke, Amy, and the Travelettes.
Pinterest -- one of my newer social media obsessions, Pinterest is a great place to get to know the personality of someone and has some really great photos. 
Google+ -- another new platform, I used to consider Google+ a nuisance but really it's a great way to connect with readers and like-minded people. 

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