May 24, 2015

8 Things About My Room

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in forever, it's been completely crazy at school and for right now it must come first. This is a little post that I've wanted to do for a while, mostly because I'm nosy so I love to see other bloggers doing these and I decided to do one too! Plus, I absolutely love the little treasures in my room so I thought I'd lowkey brag about them. Here we go!
Bali was one of the first ever trip-of-a-lifetimes I ever took. It was truly memorable so when Mom and I toured a family's woodworking shop, complete with everything from a 7 ft. tall totem pole to a life-sized giraffe, I thought this ornate, beautiful box. Currently I keep really special notes and papers in here, like Ammie's "50 Reasons to Smile" and Chummy's "Ode to Chummy". I call it my get-happy box because every time I open it I get happy. 
If you didn't already know....I absolutely adore elephants! Not only do I have the elephant bells jingling on my door, a gift from one of Mom's trips to India when I was a little girl, I have the elephants on my shelf, the mid-sized one from Bali, the largest one from my latest trip to Thailand, and the mini one....well kind of just showed up! I don't remember where he came from but I like to call him Lucky bc he's so small and red is the Chinese color of good fortune. Of course I also have my elephant stuffed animals: Morty, Persephone, and Peanut.
Another box! This time it's a little less glamorous...this is the shoebox that my gorgeous lace-up wedge boots from Forever 21 came from. Besides the beauty of the boots, I didn't want to just throw out this huge shoebox so I decided to keep various memories in it. I still have a 'Water for Elephants' movie stub from when I went to go see it with Amrita like a billion years ago!
My posters. Ah...hello Marilyn! How do you do Audrey? Know any good spots for breakfast?!? #AwfulPunWednesday These inspiring ladies hang on my wall because I believe they are great role models. Audrey Hepburn is known for being beautiful however many don't know that she actually was the daughter of a Nazi-sympthesizer and spent her youth doing ballet to secretly raise money to help the Dutch fight the Nazis and was a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. #GirlPower 
My pictures! I love to have pictures around my house of all the wonderful people that I love so much....gosh I'm welling up. One of my absolute favorite pictures ever of me and Amrita (and Dani there too hey bby) sits proudly on my bedside table. There's a picture of me and Dad and my beautiful swim team from then and now.
Mes livres! This one's kind of a cheat because these aren't in my room but I digress. This bookshelf contains some of my happiest memories and most painful weeping moments ever induced by the written word. My first-ever favorite book, that I still love more than life, is up there--it's the one with the missing cover, torn pages, and that antique-y dropped-in-the-bathtub-multiple-times look.
That leads me into my....collages! I have four different ones: Places, Things, People, Quotes. The quotes one kind of fell apart before it began and now I just post things I love, like A's unusually-large Christmas card. I have postcards and Google Pics alike posted up on my "Places" wall, some of my bucket list items collage'd under the Places heading, and the people I love up on my people wall. It's a wonderful way to not only keep your loved ones' pictures close, but also to be reminded of your dream and bucket list whenever you go to change clothes. 
Last and certainly not scrapbook! This scrapbook was given to me by my first 'real' swim team when I lived at the beach. Our swim team was small, and we were so close. I'm still close friends with my best friend from back then, and I can still feel the love I had for all of these people--even our coach! (Who kicked our butts make no mistake) When Mom and I moved away they hosted a surprise party and gave me this scrapbook in which everyone had made their own page! I literally think I started crying, it was such a lovely thing to do. Now I have added two precious things to the collection inside the book: my letter from Alan Alda (that had me screaming and crying in excitement for a good five minutes before I even opened it) and my concert ticket from when Ammie and I saw 1D in New York last summer (good times). 

What are some of your favorite things in your room? 


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