May 9, 2015

Owl City

Friday night, after the busiest week at school I think I've ever had, I knew it was time to have some fun. So after the science fair, Nikki and I headed to the Fort for Owl City's concert. Normally, I'm the grandma complaining about the loud music and crowd cheering I can hear from my windows on a school night, aka concerts that go "late" into the night. But last night, I was part of that loud crowd. And it was an absolute blast! 
#katespadeNYxkeds -- first time taking these shoes for a spin!
Lauren, Lucy, Katie, Nikki/Me, Elizabeth

The lovely Lucy and Elizabeth (the twins from Nikki's 'Friends' concert) were also on High Street for the concert--and they had two new friends with them! (Well new friends for me....Lauren and Katie). We all caught up as we waited for the concert to start and the conversation focused heavily on how hot the evening was and how packed it was! There were more people than I've ever seen on High Street for a concert last night.....and because we were all packed together like sardines it was even hotter! 
The energy of the crowd was absolutely incredible throughout the entire concert and cries of "We Want More!" were heard after Adam finished his first set. Of course he came back out and sang a remix of "99 Red Balloons" and finished off with "Seattle", one of his own fabulous songs. Adam expressed his love for Manila, his third time here, and that, of course, was well received by this crowd of sweating, screaming fans. 

My favorite performance of the night was probably "Gold"....but "Fireflies" and "Good Time" were great as well. Oh and "Kamikaze". But seriously: belting out "Gold" with the rest of the crowd was....well....golden.
After we sweated off 10 pounds dancing along to the music and belting out the lyrics, we all headed to my new favorite pizza place: Nolita! This place serves up pizza by the slice, huge pizza pies to take with you, burgers, chicken wings, and unique sodas you can't find many places. Seriously the slices here are huge so prepare to only be able to just finish one.

And since it was still early (like only 10:30....honestly the latest I think I've ever stayed out) we wandered around high street, got some ice cream, and since it is Mom's Day on Sunday, we went shopping for some last-minute pressies.
In the High Street Fully Booked we ran into this cool lady, made completely of books! She sort of reminds me of a modern-day Cruella de Ville....except with better hair. 

Ah...I love going to concerts. My energy was completely sapped after this hell week at school and I felt so re-energized by Adam's performance and the great energy of the crowd! Concerts make me feel alive and this was certainly no exception....if you have the chance to go see a concert, even if it's for a band that you don't listen to that often or only have one song from, go! The energy rush you get from it is revitalizing.
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