May 25, 2015

Summer Line Up

This month's posts have been few and far-between due to an extremely busy time at school, however I have so many things lined up for this summer that you won't have time to miss me! 

This june I have....

  • traveling home to the States on the 7th (I'm sure a delirious post written at midnight in Japan will come out of that somewhere)
  • a trip to visit William & Mary college
  • a little hair surprise!
  • a college visit/trip to Davidson in North Carolina
  • a college tour around Virginia including JMU, Washington & Lee, and UVA
Of course during this time I'll also have lots of family time so I may do a post or two about those crazy nuts....I'll also be doing the odd MyTunes or recipe post here and there as well as more random topics and discussions. 

In july I have....
  • another huge college tour through New England (with Ammie!! It'll be a total blast) including Sarah Lawrence, Williams, and our #1: NYU #roadtripost
  • then I have 2 weeks of vacation with various family, including my annual Family-Week-At-The-Beach (I'll probably cover that the way I did Thailand, day by day) 
  • my final college visit down to Emory University is the very end of July and....
  • traveling back to Manila
Also this summer I have a giant research paper to write, college essays to begin, presentations to start researching....of course my number 1 goal this summer is to have fun! I deserve it! (Plus I'll be with my family and best friend in the whole wide world, how could I //not// have fun?!)

What are your summer plans? Traveling anywhere fun? Seeing family? 


P.S. Those of you still sticking around since the first dog days of this blog will remember a little side-blog entitled "My Perfect Summer/Winter"....sadly that's not really a thing anymore as I'm just going to stick to posting on this beautiful blog I have here. Stay tuned! It's going to be one hell of a summer, I can already tell.

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