June 29, 2015

June Favorites

"Whistle (While You Work It)" by Katy Tiz -- it's literally been stuck in my head, in the best way, for weeks--the beat makes you just want to leap up and dance

Williamsburg, VA -- I loved living here (for the whole six months we did) honestly the community is great, the history abounds, and the ghost stories will haunt you long after you leave

This hairstyle looks so gorgeous! I love the way the braid sweeps to the side in a messy culmination of hair. 

Jane the Virgin -- I started watching it on the Japan-to-Detroit leg of my flight, per a friend's recommendations, and fell in love with it, it's a tellanovella making fun of tellanovellas -- you'll love it! (Rafael and Jane 5ever!)

Dried Bael Fruit Tea -- Mom and I were served this at a spa in Thailand, and literally it's the most delicious iced tea I think I've ever had (sorry Nanny!) You take some of the dried fruit, boil it for an hour, then add it to water and add lotsa sugar. Refrigerate and enjoy! There are a bunch of health benefits too. You can buy a bunch of dried bael fruit on Amazon

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