June 1, 2015

May Favorites

Criminal Minds: not only is the show completely brilliant at scaring the shit out of me, I've fallen in love with Dr. Spencer Reid
American Sign Language: finally making good on my resolution to learn sign language....I hope to become fluent by next January
Kenza Zoutien: one of the major players in the fashion blogger world, her blog is mostly about her days and her company and I, like millions of others, cannot get enough!
Fed Up the Documentary: Amrita first introduced me to this when she spilled that Oreos have carcinogens and paint thinner in them--I watched the documentary and was so shocked I made a complete life change: little to no packaged foods and very little added sugar in the foods that I do eat. Well worth a watch! FYI: It will scare you.
Tile Print Top and Shorts: inspired by TSwizzle and her abs-ulous crop top looks, I love this two-piece set from Forever 21

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