July 25, 2015

Family Beach Week 2015 Days Five and Six

Thursday brought about more goodbyes and the most delicious banana cream pie! Also....a (failed) trip to the urgent care and some beach time.

The beginnings of the banana cream pie
Leftover spaghetti pie 

Dawn, Ed, E, L, and their two dogs all headed out early Thursday morning. The house is eerily quiet now without any of the children or the dogs that we've become accustomed to. A and I had to turn on music just to drown out the silence! The rest of the day after bidding adieu to Auntie & Family was spent lounging at the pool and napping quietly. Don and Sharon, the final family members remaining here that don't actually reside here, and Mama & Pop all came over for a dinner of mishmashed leftovers including spaghetti pie, Colington leftovers, and a freshly-made banana cream pie for dessert.

After dinner A and I decided to go for a walk on the beach....the sun having already set the temperature was perfect and the temperature of the ocean so much nicer than the freezing cold salt water it normally is during the day. 
Matching sweaters are back in fashion
The cool sand squishing between our toes was a nice change from the normal burning sand that scorches during the day. As we returned from our walk, we noticed the same three deer we saw on our bike ride grazing in our yard!
Otherwise nothing much happened today....the failed trip to the urgent care was for my knee--I've seriously tweaked it somehow and it's time to take it to the doctor but when we went today they were so busy we were not about to wait for three hours just to see the doctor! We'll either go when we get back to VA or even to St. Luke's when we get back to Manila (as if I don't spend enough time there already). The silence that stretches throughout this house is almost's like the morning after a sleepover when all your friends go home and you don't know what to do with your life.

As for Day Six.....A and I did nothing except lounge at the pool, take walks on the beach, and chow down at the Bad Bean (which I highly highly recommend btw, try the guacamole). Our last day in the house, we enjoyed just being here. Also I started and finished the book Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (recognize the name? Gone Girl anyone?) which I recommend if you're looking for a novel that keeps you in suspense until literally the very end.

We're both very sad to be leaving the beach on Sunday, but looking forward to our last day here! I can't believe summer is going by so fast! School starts in less than two I'm a senior. #FreakoutMoment 


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