July 21, 2015

Family Beach Week 2015 Days One and Two

After a grueling 7-hour drive from VA to the Outer Banks...Mom, Aunt Sharon, Amrita, and I were all too happy to see the familiar front door of my grandparent's home. We ate dinner (and a lovely s'mores ice cream dessert) before heading to our beach house and settling in for the night. A and I were just ready to head off to bed when we heard Aunt Dawn and Uncle Ed, along with E and L and their two German Shorthaired Pointers, come clambering through the door. Midnight + two girls under the age of 4? Not a great combination. Eventually they all settled down and we headed in to sleep soon after one am. 

These Thailand elephant shorts are so. comfy.

The next morning (Sunday) was really when the fun began. After an early morning run with A (after which I jumped in the pool....honestly that was more fun than the run) we all headed outside to our pool, awaiting the rest of our brood. I was sunning myself on a lounger about the time Butch, Alison, Logan, Charlotte, and Mason came rolling in. It's a full house here!
La bestie
EB and her bunhead hat
Took me only about twenty minutes to get into this float
Charlotte enjoying the raft
The arrival of Alison+ completed our house guest quota for the week (not counting Uncle Don who has yet to arrive and is due in on Wednesday after his golf tournament) and also marked the unofficially official beginning of Family Beach Week 2015. Our family is strange in many ways, not least among them the fact that we are very very close. I hang out with my aunts and uncles and cousins a lot more than the majority of my friends....the presence of our time-honored and perpetually-upheld traditions such as FBW only confirms this fact.

After we all decided we'd had enough sun for the day (and after literally everyone in the house from the 8-month-old to the 50+ year-olds took a much-needed nap) we put Alison, resident hair stylist extraordinaire, to work! First up was E's haircut. Now E has this gorgeous, long, curly hair that only gets cut once a year and only gets cut by Alison. It's a very stressful time for E, and these photos only reflect how upset she was at her trim (although she completely recovered as soon as she dropped the smock and picked up her woobie aka favorite blanket)
Charlotte and L
Starting off with just a little bit of a trim....
The finished length!
After EB's stressful haircut it was my turn in the chair! My pink hair had faded so much since Alison first did it all the way back in June so she was generous enough to re-pink my hair here in our kitchen! It will fade enough so that when I get back to school my hair will not be straight pink, only have a "pinkish hue" least that's what I'll tell any teachers that ask.

As if things weren't colorful enough with the pink hair, A brought along her trade box in the form of a tube of henna dye. She very graciously henna'd herself, me, and Charlotte and the results are just gorgeous!
Her own henna creation....this gorgeous heart with lacework and finger detailing
Flowers on one hand.....
....and a crown on my other!

Dinner, a responsibility passed on from one adult to the next every night, was Mom's job this first night of beach week and she didn't disappoint. Pulled pork for the meat lovers, grilled salmon for us pescetarians, cole slaw, vegetarian baked beans, my grandmother's infamous mac 'n cheese, green beans, and a fruity cobbler for dessert.
The meal was divine, the company even more enjoyable (I'll never look at avocados the same way again) and there was definitely not one person walking away from that table hungry. This was the very first lazy day of many lazy days to come during Beach Week. Honestly? I can't wait!

Day Two

Another lazy morning that included the pool and no early morning runs on A and my's part (I'd like to credit that to the immense heat when it was really our extreme laziness)

It wasn't really until afternoon when things started happening. First Amrita, Logan, and I went to see Amy Schumer's new movie Trainwreck. It lives up to the hype--there were seriously belly-laugh moments. There were also the more serious moments that every romcom needs so don't expect to laugh the entire way through but Bill Hader and Amy Schumer (not to mention Lebron!) gave very wonderful performances and I definitely recommend the movie. 

It was after a throw-together dinner of hotdogs & hamburgers that the magic happened. Magic in the way of s'mores. 
Amrita, Pop, Butch
Logan and Charlotte
Look at the cousins smiling!

There is nothing like hopping up three under-fives with a bunch of marshmallows (aka hot sugar) and chocolate right before bed time! They were like re-energized Energizer bunnies running all around the house during their sugar rush. Thankfully for us, their crash came just as soon and they fell asleep pretty peacefully. 
You think E enjoyed her s'mores?
It was definitely a full mouth for Charlotte....all of them enjoyed smearing the gooey marshmallows and the melted chocolate all over their faces as they ate

Of course, the little ones weren't the only ones having fun making and eating the sweet treats!
Sharon got right in on the action....
....Logan enjoyed eating her burnt marshmallows right off the stick...
And Dawn? Well let's just say she enjoys her s'mores. (But who doesn't?!)

It was pretty damn close to my definition of a "perfect evening"...the sound of the beach, family surrounding me, and s'mores fresh off the grill fire!

(Actually my s'mores included no puffed-up marshmallows because they contain gelatin, which has animal products in it. However, jarred marshmallow fluff does not include any gelatin so I spread my marshmallows on my graham crackers with a knife. Hey, you do what you can!)
I know it's moments like these that keep the whole family coming back to Beach Week every summer. (It's also the annual dominos tournament that we started last night including common endearing terms such as "jackass" and "cheating hoe"--we're a loving family really)

What are some of your favorite family memories? I know Beach Week is chock full of mine. 


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