July 23, 2015

Family Beach Week 2015 Days Three and Four

Day Three of Beach Week brought along the most time we've spent at the beach thus far this vacation! We also were introduced to an old friend and celebrated several birthdays, welcoming Uncle Don to the beach, before saying goodbye to part of our family here. It was definitely a busy two days!

Baby L has grown so much in the past eight months....I'm trying to spend as much time as I can with her before I have to head back to Manila

Mornings in this household aren't exactly the peaceful, ocean wave lullings that everyone visiting the beach for vacation dreams of. More like thumps, children yelling, and a baby crying. Oh and don't forget the dogs barking and the sound of adults arguing over the last mug of coffee before they make another pot.

A and I having taken up residence in the lowest bedroom of the house, the ground floor twin bedroom, we are further removed from the hubbub in the mornings than those staying upstairs or poor Logan crashing on the couch in various living rooms but still we are awakened by the normal sounds that come along with two dogs, four children/toddlers/infants, one tween, and five adults. Not to mention each other. Yeah mornings aren't exactly the most peaceful times around here....but family week isn't exactly about peace anyway. 
Day Three was unofficially designated the "Beach Day" by someone as we all, even those of us who don't exactly enjoy hot sand getting everywhere and never coming out even after six showers (aka me), trekked down to the beach. In all fairness it was a gorgeous day and the little ones don't get far out into the ocean anyway so it's not like we're stressing over them or having to face swimming out there ourselves (not my favorite thing, swimming in the ocean).

Having lived here at the OBX myself many moons ago, I maintain contact only with former best friend and OBX Swim Team teammate: Sarah. It doesn't hurt that her house is only a few streets away from the beach house where we kids we used to ride bikes to each other's houses all the time. She came over for the first time on Day Three and updated all of us on how her life is going, where she's going to college etc. All the things parents ask of any teenager ever.

Having eventually tired of the beach, we all returned to the house, hosed off the rocks clinging to our feet, and Ammie pulled out her henna tube. Sarah was the most frequent recipient of the henna that day, although I added to my collection and Logan tattooed a sun on her wrist. 
I just love this photo of her!
'Twas a gorgeous day

Yeah we went a little nuts with the henna but A was a good sport about being designated the tattooer of the family (everyone has a skill here!) and Sarah even did a few of her own boho designs. After Sarah left to go be an adult and get to work, we sat down for a huge helping of Aunt Sharon's famous spaghetti pie. #StillDelicious 

After dinner, and washing up numerous dishes, Amrita, Logan, and I went on a bike ride around the neighborhood. Well....that was the plan at least. After having to wait awhile to pump up several of the tires and for all of us to re-learn how to actually ride bikes, by the time we actually got going a huge thunderstorm was looming. We decided to make a quick sprint through the turtle pond when we stumbled across three does eating someone's garden. These deer were clearly so used to people they let Logan practically pet them! After this Snow White-worthy distraction, we got home only after it started raining (a rainstorm that lasted all of about 10 minutes). The three of us were very happy to come back to a heaping helping of birthday cake.

One of the birthday celebrants with her "I Tolerate You" shirt--a gift from Aunt Sharon
What's left of the birthday cake 

Day Three was definitely an outdoors-y day, first the beach then the pool then biking around and checking out "nature" (in the form of deer and a desolate turtle pond but it still counts) Having spaghetti pie, celebrating five birthdays in one, and henna'ing ourselves seem to all be new traditions that I can only look forward to replicating next summer.

Day Four

Wednesday was a day of relaxing in the sunshine until dinnertime when the real fun began. 
E's favorite birthday present, by far, was the bubble machine. It was a gorgeous day so we were outside on the back porch when she decided to bubble the day away! I have to admit, it was pretty fun dancing around with all the bubbles floating by. Really brings out your inner four year old. 

Of course, after the bubbles it was time for dinner!
The girls all dolled up for the Cafe...L wearing a dress Mama made for her!
Going to Colington Cafe is honestly one of the best activities we partake in every time we're here at the beach. I've been going to Colington since I was three months old! The owners, family friends, have literally watched me grow up! And now they're watching EB and L start their journey. If you have the time, and the palette for absolutely incredible food, you really have to check out Colington Cafe.

After dinner, delicious as always--order the She Crab Bisque, do it do it do it, Amrita, Sarah, and myself got ourselves to the movie theater in order to take in a 10 o'clock showing of The Gallows. Honestly one of the scarier horror movies I've seen--it keeps you on edge the entire. movie. I really recommend seeing this movie if you enjoy having the daylights scared out of you.

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