July 30, 2015

My Favorite Movies

Favorite Drama: August Osage County
I watched this Meryl Streep & Julia Roberts showdown on a plane one time and was intrigued from beginning to end -- the entire movie is packed with this crazy family's drama including surprise incest, the most adorkable version of Benedict Cumberbatch (honestly fell a little in love with him here), and a crazy ass Meryl.

Favorite Comedy: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
This India-set British comedy, filled with icons of British culture, honestly had me giggling the entire way through. Very few movies get me that way, even comedies that I do admit are funny don't have me laughing the entire way through and this one left me with a huge grin on my face.

Favorite Historical Film: Cleopatra (1963)
My obsession with all things Cleopatra VII came to a head when I came across this four hour epic. Elizabeth Taylor (Queen of everything in my opinion) is Cleopatra and entices first Rex Harrison as Caesar and then her real-life-married-twice husband Richard Burton's Antony. The entirety of the four hours is filled with epic music, the most breathtaking sets, and, of course, Liz.

Favorite Romantic Comedy: Clueless
This film is perfect on a Friday night shut in with pizza, a sleepover with friends, a Sunday morning....literally any time. This movie is great at any. time. Alicia Silverstone stars as Cher in director Amy Heckerling's take on Jane Austen's Emma. This quintessential 90s film is full of witty humor that people of every age can appreciate--and the romance part? Just as ooey-gooey delicious as you want it to be.

Favorite "Horror" Movie: Scream
This has to be one of my favorite all-time should see the faces people give me when I tell them that. Amrita and I laughed our way through this movie, and the rest of the series of which Scream Three has to be our favorite. It's the perfect blend of scary and parody and A and I literally adore it.

Favorite (Real) Horror Movie: What Lies Beneath/The Gallows
This one is a tie because What Lies Beneath was the first horror movie that I actually loved (besides Scream) and The Gallows is the scariest scary movie I've seen and enjoyed (Insidious scared the absolute shit out of me and I didn't like it at all)

Favorite Disney Movie: Tangled
The music of this movie is absolutely phenomenal, you will find me dancing along to the soundtrack on any given day, Flynn Rider is my favorite of all the Disney princes, and Rapunzel has the spunk and the character, and the singing voice, of all the princesses together. And there's a horse that can use a sword and Rapunzel wields a frying pan!
Favorite Marilyn Monroe Movie: How To Marry A Millionaire
Once upon a sick day I sat in bed and watched this movie over and over and over again. Marilyn, the goddess that she is, stars along with Bette Grable and Lauren Bacall in this movie about three NYC models trying to land millionaire husbands. Of course, things don't go quite as expected and the end is as charming as all three ladies put together.

Favorite Movie Musical: Funny Girl
This musical, not only funny with the ingenious that is Barbra Streisand and the mustached bravado that is Omar Sharif, tugs at your heartstrings in a realistic way that you don't see coming at the start of the flick. Fanny Brice is a quiet, unsuspecting Jewish girl trying to break into show business when she meets professional gambler Nick Arnstein. The sparks, and the cash, fly as the two fall in love before hitting some speed bumps that send them reeling. (Honestly I sound like a movie trailer but this is the most theatrical way I can put it without revealing the plot!)

Favorite Classic Movie: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Another Marilyn Monroe show, in this one she plays nightclub extraordinaire Lorelei Lei who has a dorky millionaire wrapped around her little finger. When she's caught up in a diamond scandal, along with her girlfriend Jane Russell's character Dorothy Shaw, and has to work in Paris after her fiancĂ© cuts her's full of laughs, crazy adventures, love, and music!

Favorite Movie Ever: The Princess Bride
This one wins out over all the rest because it has everything: fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles. Robin Wright, Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkin....they all give fantastic performances. Honestly there aren't words to describe how much I love this movie--Cary and Robin make the love their characters share look so believable. For a bonus I just read Cary Elwes' autobiography about his time on the movie and it made me as emotional as the movie does.

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