June 30, 2015

How to Survive a Long Ass Road Trip

As picturesque as Instagram photos of road trips look, the reality is that road trips can be long, stifling, and uncomfortable. But there is a way to enjoy road tripping! Here are a few tricks I've gathered from the last weeks I've spent in the car. 

  • Plan Your Route!  A lot of people get really stressed driving new places and only relying on a GPS to get them there, and sometimes GPS goes a little nuts. I recommend MapQuest or Google Maps to plan your route and know the general direction you'll be taking, it lowers the stress level of the driver, and subsequently his navigators, about a million levels 
  • Books  The car is a great place to get some reading done whether it's required reading for a class or joy reading you want to get done on your own, magazines travel well and I recommend a Kindle for its huge storage capacity alone (I still prefer real books but they get heavy)
  • Music  Music always makes time go faster, you can create a special playlist mix for your trip, reminding you of your destination, you can listen to the radio and completely jam out or host a karaoke competition with your car mates
  • Snacks  Every good road trip needs snacks! It's better to stock up on healthy snacks before you leave so that you don't stop at every 7-11 and pick up Butterfinger Bites, M&Ms, Chex Mix etc. (Which by the way I highly recommend for road trips in addition to the fruit and nuts and healthy stuff)--also try to avoid junk food bc it smells up the car, gets everywhere, and is really comically bad for you
  • Water  It's vitally important to stay hydrated during road trips, and I really don't recommend drinking anything else. Grab some giant water bottles for everyone to enjoy the whole trip (just make time for bathroom breaks) 
  • Planned Breaks  Planning out definite stops along your route removes any unplanned veers off the highway that could bring you further and further away from your destination--it also gives everyone something to look forward to and keeps them from asking the dreaded "are we there yet"
  • Games!  Google some fun car games to play, or use an app like Heads Up!, truth or dare (hard to dare in the car), or trivia games. You could also play cards or a board game if you a) have enough room and b) a smooth enough road
  • Friends!  One of the most important things to make any trip easier! Friends will make the time simply fly by, and if you do it right your stomach will only hurt from laughing when you get to your destination.
Road trips should be fun, relaxing times--not stressful times! If you plan it right, don't stray too much from your normal diet, and try to make it fun you'll be just fine! And even if your road trip is annoying and stressful and not fun, just think about your destination! If that's not fun....I really can't help you. 


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