July 31, 2015

July Favorites

This Dress from Forever 21--I love the casual vibes, the color, and the neckline that come along with this dress. Plus the cuts in the side are so breezy!
Barefoot Blonde, the blog! Not only do I love her blog, I'm so in love with Amber's lifestyle! She's pregnant with baby number 2, little boy Atticus already have arrived, and lives in NYC with her husband--seriously love her life!
Rent the Runway--I stumbled across this site and absolutely fell in love with it. I will say the dresses are pretty pricey, but they are designer rentals so only for special occasions--try it out for prom, weddings, anything requiring a killer outfit!
Almost French by Sarah Turnbull--I picked this up a few weeks ago and finished it in a day! I normally don't go for autobiographies but Sarah tells her story in such a way that it makes it sound more like fiction than non, highly recommend reading it!
"Unbreakable Smile" by Tori Kelly--one of my many summer jams this year, Tori's inspirational tune really pumps you up for anything. Oh and the video is a lot more minimalistic than other music videos--and I love it! Tori is rapidly becoming one of my faves.

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