July 10, 2015

Road Trippin'

Reunited with the bestie....finally! (#InstaPhoto)

After a long 2+ hours at the DMV (literally the 9th circle of hell) Mom and I headed to pick up Amrita....our first time to see each other since I got here! We camped out at Aunt Sharon's for one night, with her unbelievably delicious spaghetti pie that she should make everyday, before herding ourselves into the car for the first, and longest, stretch of our road trip early Tuesday morning.
Esther and Aunt Sharon
Uncle Ed, Estie, and Sharon
I was feelin ma look that day (little shoutout to Papaya Clothing that I discovered when visiting William & Mary, they are my newest faves and this crop top is part of their lovely collection--seriously worth a look here: xx)

Having been in the car for 8+ hours with only one pee break in between, we were completely ready to stretch our legs once we reached our first destination: Williamstown, Massachusetts--home to, what else, Williams College.
Check out this Greek #foodporn on Instagram!
Having spotted a little place named Olympic Pizza on the way in, we decided to walk about a mile up the road for dinner. It turned out to be the best decision! Not only was the hummus literally the most delicious I've ever had, the baklava and custard pie were out of this world! Don't let the name fool you, the pizza here is not what keeps the door revolving, it's the Greek food! If you ever find yourself in Williamstown, check it out!

The next day was our actual college visit and we decided to walk again. Unfortunately for me, the cute white shoes that match my college-tour purple dress completely scarred my heels to the point of drawing blood during our 1.5 mile uphill walk to the college. 
(At commencement a glass watch is dropped from the top of the tower and if it breaks, the class is said to be charmed forever)
You know I love my #architecture posts on Insta!

The town of Williamstown is as picturesque as it sounds...surrounded completely by mountains in every direction it can feel a little isolating (as well as the fact that the only chain restaurant in town is Subway). Because the nearest town is a loong drive away, the college is very well versed in making their own fun so despite the lengthy distance from my beloved Frappuccinos, I don't think boredom would really be a major issue here. Not to mention the academics at this school are top-notch, seriously this is one of the most notable schools for smarties. Basically an Ivy League that hasn't gotten its invitation into the snobbish club yet. Our guide was very enthusiastic about her choice to come here, and made our group feel right at home as we toured the college (and fell in love with the Wedding Cake house). Ancient buildings abound in Williamstown (named after the founder of the college who mandated that, of course) so if you love history, you'll love it here. By far one of the most picturesque colleges we've visited this summer, I'm still not totally convinced it's for me, if only because of the rigor of the applications and the academics. But really....beautiful.

After all this walking, blister-forming, history-loving fun we really needed some chairs, some water, and some food! Our last night in Williamstown passed with more walking, enjoying the fresh air, and watching the newest episode of Scream on tv (I highly recommend's a, dare I say it?, scream!) The next morning we were up and out early, heading to Yonkers, NY and catching the Amtrak for our next college visit at NYU!
The lunch time light was perfect selfie lighting
A glamorous #Amtrak selfie 
After two hours of driving in non-stop rain, we got to Yonkers and immediately caught our train to NYC. By this point Amrita and I were jumping off the walls we were so excited to be visiting the city we both fell in love with last year.
What else are you supposed to do when waiting for a train?

After walking 27+ blocks, and stopping for a healthy brunch, we got to Washington Square Park, basically a hub of activity in Greenwich Village at all times. If you're familiar with NYU you'll recognize the park as the unofficial 'quad' of the campus, unofficial because of course NYU doesn't actually have a campus. But I digress. As much as A and I thought we'd love NYU.....we loved it even more. I don't know if it's the excitement coursing through the city at all times, the actual university, our guide's quirky sense of humor, the dog that literally made Amrita cry with laughter, or a combination of all the above but we absolutely re-fell in love with this city and with this university. Honestly the only downfall to this school? The price. This school & this city make me feel so alive it's almost scary.
My brunch #foodporn on Insta....the most gorgeous yogurt parfait
Yet another Instagram post outside Washington Square Park....I couldn't help myself! 

After our magical visit we wandered to a little French bistro for some lunch before Mom shooed us away so she could get some work done--our return train to Yonkers not until 7:15 pm. So Ammie and I wandered around Greenwich Village, and popped into a little Asian Food Market where I found my fish ice cream and some sweet bread, and A some chia pudding, to our immense delight. After wandering some more we decided to park ourselves on a bench in Washington Square Park. Honestly we were sitting there for only about an hour when I hear A gasp, and her hand flies over her mouth. She whispers something that's muffled against her hand but I look to where she's staring and who do we see? Just Penn Badgley, the star of Gossip Girl and romantic lead in Easy A. #Casual  Of course we tried to keep calm while he walked past, but after he was gone Amrita cried happy tears for the 2nd time that day and I absolutely knew it was a sign from the universe that we're exactly where we're supposed to be. (Also he's quite cute so that didn't hurt either) I'm still in shock that it actually happened. 

Though we were both reluctant to leave what we now consider 'our city', our beds were beckoning us to fall in them and relieve our aching feet. So we did. And the next day we got up and did it all over again, only this time visiting Sarah Lawrence in Bronxville, NY before hopping another train back to the city.
Sarah Lawrence, a "hippie commie" school (in the words of our guide) foremost in liberal education and liberal beliefs. Only admitting women until the '60s, Sarah Lawrence is the epitome of a forward-thinking liberal education, while still residing on the absolutely gorgeous campus that it also boasts. Lawrence is definitely the most artsy school we've visited, and the school is definitely equipped to help students in that particular field (and any other). Sarah Lawrence has earned a high place on my list with its small class sizes, focused attention, and flexibility in course selection. 
I wore my bestest, preppiest outfit just for Sarah!
We spent only a short amount of time in the city this time, eating the wonderful, NY-staple pizza at Two Boots before wandering around Manhattan for a while. Ammie and I both decided that when living in NYC, Greenwich Village was definitely the way to go--significantly quieter and much more our everyday pace...and when we need a little noise Manhattan is only a train ride away!

We'll be hitting up the University of Pennsylvania on our way back south on Saturday and that's about it for my college tour except Emory and Georgetown. We're also sad about bidding adieu to our beloved city, until our next opportunity to visit. Until then, mon amour, stay true. 


P.S. Amrita and I have started our own Instagram page, a story-telling page. We think our story (and stories, respectively) are as unique as we are, and our friendship spanning several continents is. I would really appreciate if you were to check it out here, we just posted our first picture and we'll see where it goes from here! Thanks butterflies, I love you almost as much as NYC.

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