August 31, 2015

August Favorites

"Badlands" by Halsey--I can honestly say this album is one of my all-time favorites from any artist ever. I absolutely adore EVERY song on this album and am recommending it to literally everyone I know. My favorite songs include: Castle, Colors, Hurricane, Gasoline

This pink trench coat from Dahlia--I don't have a winter or anything remotely related to cold weather here in Manila so until I move back to the States I'm here lusting over this gorgeous pink trench (modeled by this lovely blogger)

The Poshmark App--this is a new discovery for me....and I absolutely adore it. Better than The Hunt, this shopping app lets users list their own clothes/shoes/accessories for sale, along with a flat shipping rate, as well as shop other user's closets--if you don't receive your item you don't pay. Simple to use and full of awesome discount designer finds, I highly recommend. (Shop my closet!)

This sugar scrub recipe from Tumblr (warning NSFW language)--this post does not lie, your skin will feel as smooth as a baby porpoise, and will smell absolutely goddess-like. I love this scrub except for the fact that the next day your palms are pretty sore from the coarse action of rubbing in the scrub. Otherwise scrub away butterflies! This is a fantastic way to decompress, trust me.

Tyler Oakley's vision board--you have to be living under a rock to not have heard of this trailblazing Youtuber by now. To be honest I don't watch his videos on any sort of basis but I did really enjoy looking at his vision board (first of all hello Tumblr-worthy art project) and it even inspired me to start up my Tumblr again, my own little virtual vision board--I encourage you to make one!

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