August 4, 2015

City Tunes--Paris

Songs About Paris
This rock ballad perfectly captures the essence of Paris in a song that makes you want to re-watch The Devil Wears Prada....again

One of the songs introduced to me by my bestie and her infamous Christmas CD's, the melancholy feeling backing this song perfectly captures the feeling of driving by the illuminated Eiffel Tower

The almost psychedelic quality that this song has, along with the steady beat, conjures up images of Paris Fashion Week and the busy pace of the city all weeks of the year

While Paris isn't exactly famous for wild nightlife, the way say...Ibiza is, there are still plenty of options for those interested in that kind of entertainment--and this song gets you imagining it even if you've never experienced it

Another melancholy song, this one captures lazy Sunday mornings in France's ever-buzzing capital (lazy? never a Parisian) walking to a corner cafe or the local boulangerie for a baguette

Paris is, undoubtedly, one of the places to be when you're in love and this song will take you straight to a slow dance on a dimly lit-Paris rooftop with your lover, I promise

A more upbeat love song than the previous, this one more of a stroll-through-the-park with your lover song, Ed and Tori's voices combine perfectly, much like spring and Paris

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