August 15, 2015

Oh My Mai Thai

Thai food is one of my absolute favorites in the entire world! A true highlight of my trip to Thailand last spring was the food! Mom and I have adored our local Thai food restaurant since we moved to the Fort and I thought I'd share it with you!

The thing I love most about living in Fort Bonifacio is that I can literally walk to everything! Mango Tree is one of the closer restaurants on our end of High Street and so it's just a quick hop, skip, and sprint across the road to get there!

Mom and I, usually eating around 6, are normally only two of a select few other diners however today, thanks to a late lunch, the restaurant was pretty full at seven and showed no signs of slowing down by the time we left.
We always start with the Tod Mun Goong--fried shrimp cakes, mm mm
This time we also tried the Po Pia Goong--shrimp spring rolls
While the Po Pia Goong was good, I'm still a massive sucker for Tod Mun Goong. The shrimp is impeccably cooked and the texture of the whole cake is just perfect. Honestly if I could just order this and eat three plates of that I would. 
Mom, trying a new dish, enjoyed her Panang Nua aka beef curry. I couldn't help but reflect on the best. curry. I've ever tasted that we ate in Bangkok on our first night there. It's so interesting to me how some of the best food I've ever eaten came out of little kitchens in restaurants no bigger than my bedroom--including the best fried rice EVER. You just can't beat Thai food in my opinion.
And the dish that has rapidly become my "normal" when we go to Mango Tree....Pad Thai Goong. We had so much fantastic food in Thailand but every time I go to Mango Tree I know I only want this pad thai--it's honestly the best pad thai I've ever had.

If you find yourself anywhere near a Mango Tree and you're looking for good food--I really recommend this place! The service at the High Street branch gets a little flustered when they get busy, but the food is sublime. Probably the closest thing you'll get to accurate Thai food outside of Thailand. Happy munching!


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