August 11, 2015

The Importance of Solitude

I've always found that when I'm super stressed and just can't seem to think clearly taking a break is vitally important. Usually when I need to work through a problem or need to calm down before I continue a project etc....I go swimming.
Having been a swimmer my entire life I find the water oh-so calming and the motions I can perform without thinking about them, which is a nice change of pace from when I'm over-thinking things. Normally by the time I've finished my swim (which can last from ten minutes to an hour, as long as I need) I've come up with a solution to my problem, or at least have worked my way towards coming up with one.
Now, I'm not suggesting that every time you have a problem you can't solve or are too stressed to function properly you go for a swim. Necessarily. If this is your thing too then go ahead and dive in! If you are lacking access to a pool or swimming is not your thing, I highly suggest you find it. We've all worked so hard on something, or so long on something, that we reach our absolute breaking point and it's then that a change of scenery is absolutely necessary. It doesn't have to be something as....wet as swimming. Go for a walk! Take a bike ride, go for a sprint on the treadmill--do something that gets you up, active, and doing something you don't have to think about. 

You could....

  • Read a book either that you've already read before and loved or a new one that you've been meaning to try
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Get ice cream with your mum/dad/brother/sister/dog
  • Take your pup for a walk
  • Turn cartwheels for as long as you can
  • Try to break a world record
  • Bake/cook something!
Literally anything that isn't attached to a screen or a keyboard and doesn't require too much thinking is perfect. Even when I'm under serious deadline and need to finish something if I get too overwhelmed I pop down to the pool for a quick ten minute lap session before heading straight back to work and it's like sleeping for twelve hours and drinking a Red Bull. Honestly finding some way to clear your mind like this is nearly essential to surviving high school--your mental/emotional/physical health needs to be in balance! This is just as essential as your studies, I promise.


P.S. I know this is sort of a short-ish post but right now school has just started again and things are getting hyper-busy so I'm finding the time to blog during the week and then finding things to do on the weekend to blog about--thank you for sticking with me through this last year of IB!

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