September 16, 2015

A Debut to Remember

The debutante's debut when she turns 18 is a big celebration here in the Philippines and I was lucky enough to be invited to my batchmate's 18th debut last Saturday night. It was truly a night to remember and one of the most lavish evenings I've ever had the privilege of being invited to!

I'll take almost every chance I can get to dress up with professionally-done makeup and hair and this was no exception. I went with a simple blowout for my hair and had both hair and makeup done by the Basement Salon in SM Aura. I found my dress, that I'm absolutely in love with, at the SM dress shop. The color palette for this particular evening was beige, grey, or white so I went with a nice beige, white, cream-colored floor-length gown with lace detailing. I highly suggest SM if you need a formal dress for a debut, wedding, or any other formal/semi-formal occasion. They're inexpensive, for the most part, and carry a large range of styles.
(Thanks to the Fernbrook Gardens official website for these photos)
The venue for this prestigious event was none other than the breathtaking Fernbrook Gardens in Las PiƱas. We were greeted at the red carpet by a trumpeter and woman in the biggest ballgown I've ever seen. Guests mingled in the gorgeous domed courtyard for a while before being invited into the exquisetly-decorated ballroom.
The VIP table, overhead decorations, and the stage in the back left
Check out my #instapic of the beautiful centerpieces (featuring Sam and Lauren)

The room was decorated so elegantly I honestly felt like I was at a dream wedding! Then we all discovered the s'mores bar and focused all our energy on not getting the gooey chocolate on our pristine dresses. Of course, all of us dolled up in one gorgeous room together....many a selfie were born in the course of the evening.
Aliah et Moi
Celesty et Moi
Aliah, Moi, and Celesty
Celesty and Aliah (in their accidentally-matching dresses)
My #instapic choice selfie of the night
Here we are! Nami, Aliah, Me, Celesty, Lauren

Of course every elegant affair requires an after-party. Thankfully we didn't have too far to go to get to it....the after-party was in the same place as the actual debut! The adults quickly took their leave as some of us changed out of our dresses and into something a little more conducive to dancing. Actually I didn't bring any clothes to change into, but that didn't stop me from participating in the festivities!
Me, Aliah, Ben, and Lauren (in the background) enjoying the after party

Honestly the whole night was an absolute dream, the debutante was so gorgeous and it was so much fun to be out with my entire batch! Maybe I should throw myself a debut....


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