September 11, 2015

Spirit Week 2015

As a Senior I am beginning to experience the first of my "lasts". Last first day of school a few weeks ago, now the Last House Rally Day/Spirit Week ever! You may remember my Spirit Week 2014 post from last year and here is the next, and last, sadly, one!

This year's themes included Fan Fest Day, Better Together Day, Neon Lights Day, Culture Appreciation Day, and House Rally! Naturally Monday I wore one of my Panthers jerseys + jeans. Tuesday our whole lunch table decided to dress together in pajamas, finally getting the pajama day we so crave. Wednesday was the day the entire school looked like a box of highlighters tipped over with all of us donning our neon yellow, orange, green, and pink shirts, pants, leggings, shoes, armbands...anything that can be worn that is neon-colored was and it was a beautiful eyesore. Thursday I decided to embrace the "white girl stereotype" and went with an oversized sweater, leggings, my fake-Uggs (don't buy real Uggs!!), a flower crown, and a Starbucks to complete the look. While I believe that it's ridiculous that everything a girl likes is instantly ridiculed, there's no better way to take the wind out of something than to have fun with it. 
#whitegirl and proud

Finally it was Friday: House Rally Day. The very last of my House Rally days. I'll admit, the past two house rally days have been okay but this time I was expecting a lot: this is my Senior House Rally aka Last One Ever! The seniors this year were in charge of the party poppers, confetti, leading the cheers, basically doing all we can to ensure a win. (Which, this is completely unofficial, I think we won! Woo go Azure!)
We #bleedAzure on House Rally day

This year being up in the stands, shooting confetti over everyone, screaming my lungs out for our competitors, waving flags, and encouraging others to have spirit--not to mention the singing of the school all completely blew my expectations out of the water.

This one of my lasts will definitely stick in my mind for a long time, and not just Azure's triumphant victory over Emerald and Gold. Screaming my heart out for my house with my batch mates, singing the school song with all the seniors arms wrapped around each other, taking countless photos just so we'll remember this day we got to be totally silly and lead the cheers and feel on top of the world when normally school makes us want to tear our hair out with stress. Yes I'll remember this for years to come...and as lasts go, it was a pretty damn great one.



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