September 23, 2015

The Good Box

Our kitchen here in the apartment is tiny, to say the least. Mom and I both love to cook however doing so in a closet-sized kitchen with no real oven has presented its frustrations over the years. Also, Mom and I both being interested in fitness and keeping healthy, it's very difficult to plan meals for the two of us, especially following my laundry-list of dietary restrictions, by counting calories. Mom overloaded at work and myself overloaded by the Senior IB Diploma curriculum, we decided to leave the calorie-counting and the food-making to the experts: The Good Box.

The Good Box is a company here in Manila that offers the same sort of thing that Nutrisystem offers in the States. Instead of plans specifically designed for weight loss, The Good Box offers a meal delivery service including meals ranging from 1200 calories a day to 2700 calories. Every meal plan is overseen by a nutritionist to make sure a balanced diet is being consumed. Meals are delivered the night before, Monday through Friday, and include not only breakfast, lunch, and dinner but two yummy snacks!
Meals are delivered in an eco-friendly brightly-colored bag that you are encouraged to return to the drivers upon your next delivery. The complete menu, with calorie breakdowns, are also attached to your meal. Food comes in reusable plastic containers that you can also return to The Good Box.

That's one of the biggest things I love about The Good Box: you're never starving! You're honestly getting the amount of calories you sign up for, and it's very easy to change your requirements if you need to. Another thing I adore about this service is the food we eat is actually yummy! Trust me, I wouldn't be eating this food if it didn't taste good. I have yet to experience a repeat menu, something they make sure never happens, and I'm not bored with any of the foods! (Their muffins have rapidly become my favorites)
My meal for today: oatmeal and grapes for breakfast, yogurt smoothie for morning snack, fish and rice with coleslaw for lunch, crackers and cheese for afternoon snack, pasta and veggies with a salad for dinner.
Another great thing about The Good Box is they are willing and able to accommodate my (rather extensive) list of dietary restrictions. I receive yummy meals everyday without any pork, chicken, beef, or coffee. Plenty of fresh fruit and veggies come standard in these meals as well as tasty treats like banana & chocolate cookies or fruit cobbler.

I cannot recommend The Good Box enough if you're looking to meet calorie goals (whether your goal is losing weight, maintaining current weight, or gaining weight) and eat delicious food that you don't have to worry about cooking (minimal microwaving skills required).


Big love to the people at The Good Box but this post is not sponsored by them and, as always, my opinions are all my own.

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