November 23, 2015

My Christmas List 2015

I always look for inspiration in other people's wish lists so I thought I'd share my own Christmas List this year now that we're only about a month away from the day! (Feel free to steal any items for your own holiday wish list!)

Violet Eyes Perfume
Not only am I a big fan of Miss Liz but this one of her (many) perfumes as well! Violet Eyes has such a sophisticated yet understated scent and I've worn through my bottle from last Christmas already!
Katy Perry Killer Queen Perfume
I'm a little nuts about perfume so another of my wishes is Katy Perry's perfume. This one I actually don't have but I've rubbed my face in enough of its adverts in magazines to remember it!
'Teal the Cows Come Home' Nail Polish
The only nail polish I consistently ask for/buy--Teal the Cows Come Home is somewhat of my 'signature color' although I do change up my nail color quite frequently. There's something about this particular creamy shade of blue that I adore and it has become a staple on my list every year.
Matte Black Nail Polish
Really the only matte nail color that I like is black so this year I've added matte black nail polish to the list. (I'm a little nuts about my nails too)
iSwim Shirt
I found this wonderful little company on Twitter--they make swim-themed shirts, water bottles, swim caps, and, of course, swim suits! I feel like my big shoulders give away my swim history however why not advertise my specific stroke?
Donation to Save the Elephants
Elephants, besides being my favorite animal, are endangered creatures--preyed upon by the disgusting ivory industry. I urge you: never buy ivory! You're contributing to the slaughter of some of the most beautiful, compassionate animals on earth. I also urge you to donate, or ask others to donate, to this wonderful charity: Save the Elephants.
Dream Catcher
I've always had a special belief in old traditions that cultures preserve for centuries. The dream catcher is a Native American tradition that says all negative dreams will get caught in the web of the catcher while positive dreams will go through the center hole. I've had a dream catcher before and they absolutely work! Lately I've been having more nightmares than normal, I credit it to my stress levels, so this dream catcher, made authentically by Native Americans and sold directly through them, is on my list.
Forever 21 Gift Cards
One of my favorite stores, as you can all probably tell from their monthly inclusion on my Monthly Favorites list! I don't tend to ask directly for clothes but instead for gift cards because I do a fair bit of shopping online, living in Manila we don't get all the items the US stores do, and I change my mind a lot. Plus, shopping for your own clothes is a lot of fun!
Ivory Ella Shirts
Ivory Ella is another elephant-based charity only this one offers donations in the form of shirts, water bottles, and phone cases! I found Ivory Ella through Twitter and immediately fell in love with their products--enough so that two of their shirts ended up on my list!
Luna Lantern
Finally I discovered this Luna Lantern on Tumblr. At the moment the lanterns are only available through the indiegogo page they have set up and they're more expensive than all the other items on my list but as someone who believes wholeheartedly in the magic of the moon and the power it has, I'm definitely crushing on them!

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