November 7, 2015

How to Handle A Lot of Stress

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As you have probably noticed over the past few months, I have been more absent than normal in my posting and updating. This is due to the incredible demands of Senior Year....honestly somedays I barely have time to sit down. There is an absolutely outstanding amount of work this semester for seniors, especially those in the IB program. 

Essays are due, our huge Internal Assessments (basically investigations/experiments, one per subject) are due, our Extended Essay a 4,000 word research paper is due, our Theory of Knowledge (basically philosophy, a lot questioning everything) essay and presentation are due. We also have orals in both Literature class as well as whatever foreign language we're taking, for me it's French. Of course on top of this we have our regular lessons which include regular tests and quizzing.

It's a lot to do (#understatement) and so every senior is in a perpetual state of stressed to the max this entire year. We each have our own ways of dealing with this huge dose of stress and I thought I'd share mine with you for all your stressful situations. So....from an anxious hypochondriac to you, here's how to handle beaucoup de stress.

Make a plan
As soon as you realize you have an absolute ton of work to do in a limited amount of's time to get organized. Make a plan of attack! I like to write down a list of what I have to get done in the day....and I make sure I write down BREAK TIME too! Cross things off your list as you go until you're all done!

Utilize your tools
This year my calendar is my new favorite app because it keeps me on track with all of my deadlines, appointments, birthdays, and, most importantly, when to post my blog posts! (That's my actual calendar....the orange dots are blog posts so...sneak peek!)

Actual texts where we A) plan to run away from our stress and B) college essays

Ask for help!
I'm a big advocate for asking for help when you need it and this is no different when you're stressed. If you're still in school, a teacher, a counselor, an RA....anybody with an open-ear and open-door policy really. If you need stress management tips I really recommend the counselors' and, of course, if you're struggling with a particular assignment I always recommend seeing the teacher. You can also vent your stresses to your family/friends and, believe me, it helps.

#Hella stressed but still smiling on vacay

Distract yourself
This one sounds kind of counter-intuitive but go with me...I know it's really hard to silence the negative voices or the overwhelming feeling of anxiety and stress when you have a lot to do. However sometimes those voices and feelings actually impair your ability to focus on your work and get it done. It's important to try and distract yourself from focusing on those negative thoughts.

Get active
I need to work particularly on this one myself....everything in your body feels better from your mood to your mind to your soul to your body (maybe a bit less so your body....) when you work out and get active. It doesn't even have to be anything overtly strenuous...go for a walk! Jog around the park once or twice, take Fluffy on a stroll, go get ice cream...anything really to get you out of your chair and your body moving. (Side note: I know it's hard to make time to get active when you have a really jam packed schedule but it's important to try)

Have fun!
Another important aspect of need to give yourself breaks! If you get so overly stressed your body will give out on you and things will get even MORE stressful and it's a vicious cycle that is very hard to break. Even with all the stressful things going on in my life right now, I find time to go out with friends and with Mom and to still enjoy a semblance of life outside of school. Take a long bubble bath, go to the spa, go for a picnic, go to the beach, meditate, do yoga, get lost in a new album or a new book....make sure you take the proper time to yourself--your relationship with yourself is the most important one not the one with your grades or your boss or your performance review. You.

I hope these tips can help you with stress management as much as they've helped me! Do you have any other tips and tricks to share for managing stress? Drop a comment below!


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