November 11, 2015

Relatable Spending

Besides being possibly the most exquisitely-beaded pair of boots in the world....what do you notice?

If you're like me, your heart sinks when you notice the £450 price tag (approximately $680 in US dollars). 
Silly me...get my hopes up about a kick-ass Bad Blood reminiscent dress before noticing the $78 price tag. The fact that it's sold out isn't the only thing keeping me from this dreamy, lacy creation.

I absolutely love being a part of the blogging community. I love reading blogs and interacting with other bloggers and especially noting how gorgeously stylish they all seem to be. Even if you don't regularly check in on blogs, you see style posts popping up everywhere from Instagram and Twitter to Facebook and Tumblr. I so adore the style of these bloggers however when I check their "recommendations" or "style"'s full of posts like this!

An actual Paltrow-approved Goop item for sale

I feel like they're the Goop of the blogging world and I'm the Target. (Not my best analogy...I'll work on it)
Even the Bloglovin' shop has fallen prey to the expensive side! (Psst...follow me on Bloglovin') For actual adults with actual paying jobs or the bloggers that blog as their main source of income, I'm sure most of the prices don't phase them. As a teenager who still gets an allowance I can admit they scare the hell out of me.
I love finding new outfits or shoes (boots boots bOOTS) or accessories and incorporating these things into my wardrobe. And I do envy the smart style of so many of my favorite bloggers (like Rosie and Noor) however their price range and mine? An entire Sears Tower of difference.

This is why I've subconsciously pledged myself to always feature things on my blog that not only I can afford, but my readers (you lovely lot you) can too. I certainly don't have the nearly 700 dollars to shell out on an, albeit gorgeous, pair of boots! I'm not even going to approach the subject of buying an $80 bathing suit with Mom, I know how that conversation will go already.

This should explain why Forever 21 features so prominently in my posts--they fit right in my budget! Usually, anyway. The point of this mildly rambly post is this: there are ways to express your style without sacrificing an entire paycheck or allowance. Also: you can always trust my recommendations to be tried, true, and on budget. Finally: who doesn't love Target?!

For all three items I found much less expensive substitutes: are my favorite budget sites for finding cute clothes that don't break my piggy bank:
Beautiful Halo
Forever 21 (naturally)

What do you think? What are your tips and tricks for staying stylish without spending your rent money? What are your favorite stores? Share below!


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