September 30, 2015

September Favorites

This absolutely gorgeous diamond-print maxi dress from Forever 21
This dress just screams boho princess--I can just see myself walking down a beach and the city streets alike.
8 Out Of 10 Cats--only fueling my obsession with British panel TV
Not only have I fallen in somewhat love with Jon Richardson, I am much more knowledgable about British culture & politics--and my love of British humor is only furthered by their banter
I'm not 23 but I feel very lost and this article was a warm hug
There is so much pressure on young people (aka me) to have their future completely planned out by the time they're sixteen. It's unnecessary and causes so much anxiety that articles like this are necessary, whether you're sixteen or twenty-three. 
Lifted Up (1985) by Passion Pit
This song was basically the theme song of my friend's debut and my love of the song started there. It's an upbeat anthem perfect for any mood-boosting playlist.
The Fotor photo-editing app for Mac
This is my go-to app, free on the app store, to fix any pictures before they pop up here--whether the saturation needs fixing or the whole thing is too dark this app does everything!
September 26, 2015


Aubergine (French for eggplant) has to be the best restaurant in Manila. A big claim, I know, but it's totally justified. This upscale dining experience is still less expensive than others I've tried and includes even more delicious food. The 12-course set menu is Aubergine's claim to fame, although they have an à la carte menu as well. The service at Aubergine is the most coordinated, polite, and accommodating I believe I've ever experienced at such an upscale place. Their extensive wine & drink list round out an altogether perfect restaurant.
September 23, 2015

The Good Box

Our kitchen here in the apartment is tiny, to say the least. Mom and I both love to cook however doing so in a closet-sized kitchen with no real oven has presented its frustrations over the years. Also, Mom and I both being interested in fitness and keeping healthy, it's very difficult to plan meals for the two of us, especially following my laundry-list of dietary restrictions, by counting calories. Mom overloaded at work and myself overloaded by the Senior IB Diploma curriculum, we decided to leave the calorie-counting and the food-making to the experts: The Good Box.
September 20, 2015

The Tipsy Pig

One of my favorite things to do is try new restaurants. Living in the city, Mom and I get the opportunity to do this fairly often and so Saturday night we headed to the new Tipsy Pig Gastropub, a short stroll from our front door!
September 16, 2015

A Debut to Remember

The debutante's debut when she turns 18 is a big celebration here in the Philippines and I was lucky enough to be invited to my batchmate's 18th debut last Saturday night. It was truly a night to remember and one of the most lavish evenings I've ever had the privilege of being invited to!
September 11, 2015

Spirit Week 2015

As a Senior I am beginning to experience the first of my "lasts". Last first day of school a few weeks ago, now the Last House Rally Day/Spirit Week ever! You may remember my Spirit Week 2014 post from last year and here is the next, and last, sadly, one!
September 6, 2015

My Favorite Things About Fall

I am most certainly not alone in my absolute obsession with everything autumn. Unfortunately, here in Manila we do not have an autumn. We have two seasons: rainy and dry. And as much as I love Manila, I miss fall! So in honor of the beginning of this magical season here's my list of my favorite things of the season:

My absolute favorite holiday--from trick or treating when I was little to spooky sleepovers and trick or treating with Amrita to Halloween parties....I adore this spooky holiday. I love dressing up and candy and pumpkins and getting scared--and this holiday combines all four! ( adorable is Aggi in her costume?!)

Nature is at her absolute prettiest in fall. I remember walking Ellie during this time and stepping on crunchy leaves while colorful leaves flittered down around was absolutely heavenly. The foliage of fall breathes life back into you after the oppressive heat of summer.

Along with the chillier weather come the cuter sweaters! And boots and leggings and coats and hats! Summer fashion is built to keep you cool in the heat, and after three months of 90+ degree days you just run out of options! In fall you can bring the jeans back out and mix and match all your coats and hats and scarves and feel akin to the Gossip Girls for a season.

Pumpkin Spice Everything
(Btw this is the first year Starbucks is making its classic Pumpkin Spice latte with actual pumpkin!) Besides what is now the most quintessentially-fall beverage ever consumed by caffeine-lovers, the pumpkin spice takeover of everything from candles to candy is another thing I love about fall! You'd think it'd get tiring having the same smell around but when you only have a two month window to enjoy it, you'll suck in all the pumpkin spice you can stand.

Chilly Chili
Before we moved here, Mom and I shared an unspoken Sunday-night tradition during this season. Yes, Sunday night football. I honestly couldn't care less about the game then (and usually now) but I loved to watch it with her and eat chili, chips 'n dip, nachos etc. The food of fall is more decadent than the ice cream and watermelon barbecues of summer (that I also adore and get tired of)

Despite the immense stress that school is causing me right now, I do generally look forward to getting back to it after summer's end. I usually crave the presence of a routine rather than school itself but either way. Buying school supplies was a beloved ritual and now I don't have fall or have to buy my supplies! I'm also a lot more stressed woo growing up is a blast.

Sort of hand-in-hand with Halloween, movies about fall or set in autumn are absolutely gorgeous. They're beautiful and fun and I love them. My favorite fall movie has to be Hocus Pocus, while my favorite horror movie is, of course, Scream. The Four Seasons (old movie with Carol Burnett and Alan Alda--absolute classics) perfectly captures the foliage of autumn although technically this movie is about all four seasons (befitting the title).

Jingle Bells!
Last but not least....autumn signals that, not just Winter, but Christmas is coming! And who doesn't love Christmas? I love this time even over here where there is no fall because it means soon I'll get to visit my family in the States and spend the holidays with them! (#instapic above--check out our amazing tree!)

And that's my list! What are your favorite things about fall?

xx Kate