January 17, 2016

21 Day Challenge Update 1

Last week I issued myself a 21 Day Challenge, a challenge you can view here. It didn't go exactly as I expected, nothing ever does, but I learned a lot from the challenge so far.
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Avoiding sugar is really hard work! On Monday I was on the bus home and I realized I couldn't drink my standard after-practice Powerade anymore....lots of sugar! Unless you shun all packaged food, you cannot avoid processed sugar it simply cannot be done. I've avoided as much as I can, however intend to really buckle down this week and focus--meaning no more jam on pandesal at school for breakfast after morning practice etc.

I was active all 7 days this week, however didn't get an actual workout in yesterday the way I planned to. I was actually pretty sore from swim practice! I did two practices, one morning one afternoon, on Wednesday and one in the afternoon every other day and intend to do even more this week so working out will be no problem. Saturday and Sunday I did walk a lot, walking Aggi and walking to get flowers from Market Market (#insta), and I swam a bit as it was so gorgeous outside so I was active, just not fully workout active.
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I found this really amazing app that another blogger recommended to keep count of my calories and exercise. It's a weight loss app called Lose It! You log everything you eat, including making new food entries for anything you may cook at home, enter your exercise, and your weight loss goal: it calculates how many calories you can eat in a day to lose the weight you want to lose by the time you set. It's really simple, I highly recommend it!

I haven't actually gotten on the scale lately, I'll do that at the very end of my 3 weeks, so I don't know if I've lost any actual weight but I'm definitely feeling better. Here's to 7 days done! And the next 14!


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