January 23, 2016

21 Day Challenge Update 2

Remember how I said in my last update that this week was going to be even more structured? Yeah....that didn't happen exactly as I pictured it. 

The amazing app I touted last week, Lose It, is still a fantastic app--I just didn't use it as much this week. Which probably means I didn't watch what I was eating as much as I should have. I also couldn't stay away from the pandesals with blueberry jelly after morning practice.

I've been active everyday this week except Thursday--a swim meet on Saturday and long walks with Aggi on Saturday and Sundays. I continued avoiding fast food, and at this point after several weeks without any of it my body doesn't even crave it anymore, and shunned my typical Powerade after practice.

I still haven't gotten on the scale, and honestly I don't think sticking to this 21 Day Challenge is going to go too well this week because I'm off to APAC in Hong Kong on Wednesday. I'll be staying with a homestay volunteer family so I can't mandate meals and sugar content besides 'no meat' and I'll be taking what I can get.

We'll see where this 21 Day Challenge (which has not gone as I thought it would) ends in 7 more days! 14 down, 7 to go!


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