January 9, 2016

21 Day Challenge

In a roundabout way, my obsession with Fixer Upper, a fantastic HGTV show where cutie couple Chip and Joanna Gaines help a couple or family buy a fixer-upper house in Waco, Texas and then fix it up for them so that looks not just like a completely different house but also a catalog page, led to this blog post.
An example of their work

Joanna posted on Instagram something about it being day 8 of a 21 day fitness challenge and it got me thinking (as everything does). She, of course, is following the rather popular 21 Day Fix program that includes meal plans and workouts etc. I've decided to issue myself a 21 day challenge, one I am actually completely capable of sticking to.

As a teenager, I do not have control over household meal plans and so planning out (and then actually preparing) 3 meals + snacks each day for 3 weeks is not possible for me. As such, I've come up with a few guidelines for my own 21 Day Challenge:
  • No chocolate, candies, sodas, fast food, or any processed sugar over 9 grams a day - this one stems from several documentaries I've watched about sugar (including favorites Fed Up and That Sugar Movie - both come highly recommend from me to you) and the horrible side effects processed sugar has on your body. It's very difficult to have under 9 grams of processed sugar a day, there's likely more than that in a glass of orange juice, so this one can only be accomplished by reading labels, avoiding sodas and really any food that comes in a package.
  • Be active all 7 days a week - Sundays are reserved for the lightest exercise so a walk with Aggi around the block, a light swim etc. This one will not be difficult for me personally because I have swim practice to get to this week and have access to a treadmill for non-practice days. Of course it's important to not overdo exercise so my exercise on non-practice days will likely consist of only a run on the treadmill and maybe some pilates exercises, nothing too strenuous. Your body has to relax!
This 21 Day Challenge is simply me challenging myself to a fitness and healthy eating schedule to see what changes my body goes through. I'll be posting 1 post a week every Sunday to check in on progress until the 21 days is up and then we'll see!

Are you going to undertake any sort of 21 Day Challenge? Whether mine or the 21 Day Fix?


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