February 17, 2016

10 Songs I'm Obsessed With Right Now

Wolves Without Teeth - Of Monsters and Men
A perfect road trip song...very Free People-y

Cake by the Ocean - DNCE
Pop-y perfection, Joe Jonas (and his yummy pink hair) leads the vocals for this 4-person piece...if you like Maroon 5 you'll love DNCE

This Ain't Over - Alex Newell
New life anthem from a Glee alum on the cusp of blowing up the charts (with a stellar neon video)

Make Me Like You - Gwen Stefani 
She filmed this all completely live during a commercial break at the Grammys! I think it's my new favorite music video....

Carousel - Melanie Martinez
If you're looking for a song that makes you feel like you're at a haunted carnival after dark....look no further. Major AHS vibes.

Sloppy Seconds - Watsky
One of my new favorite artists, I discovered him by accident after googling "moral of the story" for a lit paper!

UGH! - The 1975
Classic neon and shirtless Matty--what else could we want from a video?! Meanwhile the song is infectious.

Chewing Gum - Nina Nesbitt
A now-permanent fixture of my "Bad Ass Bitches With No Feelings" playlist, this song will make you feel sexy + badass

Honey, Honey - Mamma Mia! Soundtrack
Yup, I'm still obsessed

Believe - Mumford & Sons
Two words: indie magic. 

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