January 31, 2016

January Favorites

Mamma Mia
This movie has recently landed itself on my list of 'Favorite Musicals of All Time' and I sincerely hope you all take the glorious time to enjoy singing Amanda Seyfried and Meryl Streep on a gorgeous beach in Greece.

Us The Duo
You probably know this duo from their viral video cover of the most popular songs of 2015 (view here) but did you know they also have several songs available on iTunes like my current obsession song Slow Down Time (listen here)--literally it has been on repeat for a month now.

That's So Raven
This show was a cornerstone of my childhood (as with any kid born after 1997 and before 2001 really) so when Raven and Anneliese (aka Chelsea!) got together last year to cover the theme song I had such a fangirl moment! Watch the glorious moment here (and then prepare to binge watch the show)

That 70s Show
If you follow me on Twitter (which I recommend--lets be friends!) you'll have noticed some tweets as of late hinting at my 70s Show obsession. I've been binging the show on Netflix for a good three weeks now and if you haven't seen it you really need to because it's fantastic--if you have seen it then talk to me about Jackie and Hyde because I'm still not over it.

Floral Surplice Romper from F21
This romper gets me excited about spring break and summer and music festivals and hanging out with friends for hours and hours. I love rompers because they're simple outfits which means no worrying about finding a matching top + bottom. This lovely romper also comes in black with pink flowers (find here).

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