February 6, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

The folks over at Dollar Shave Club (the nice people that send you fresh razors in a box every month--here are all of their box options) invited me to help them compile a list of some great Valentine's Day gift ideas! They'll be pinning some of their favorite ideas from the blogging community and I couldn't wait to come up with some fun ideas for them...and for you! If you happen to be single this Valentine's Day (like me) fear not because I have some fantastic gifts you can give yourself too!

Gifts for Someone Else

A classic for the most lovey-dovey holiday, you can very rarely go wrong with jewelry. A lot of people think jewelry has to cost a lot to be meaningful which is COMPLETELY not true! My favorite pieces of jewelry are the ones with stories; a necklace I got at a market in Vietnam or the one my grandparents brought back from Croatia. Find a cute piece of jewelry to let your bae know you're thinking about them.
Pictured: Handcrafted brass and copper cuff bracelets from India, here on, on sale right now for $22 & a Luxury Black Round Dial Watch with a leather strap, here at amazon, around $10

Date Night
Another classic (and my personal favorite of the list)--a date night! Take your love to a movie, take them to dinner, go to a concert, go for a walk, challenge them to a parkour or karaoke contest....just do something to be together! You can even have a date night at home. Clear your home of others for a bit, cook a nice dinner (mac n cheese never fails!), pop in a movie, and cuddle up on the couch. #Perfection
Pictured: images from Tumblr, a pizza date in the park around $12 & a drive-in movie approximately $7 per person

Spa Voucher
One of the more extravagant suggestions on this list....treat yourself and your love muffin to a spa treatment! Couples massages are fantastic ways to bond and relax together, facials leave you absolutely glowing, and mani/pedis are simple ways to feel like a goddess. If you're not into the spa day, grab a spa gift certificate and leave your love to a day of pampering!
Pictured: images from my trip to the Atmosphere Resort spa, in the US on average a 60 minute massage is around $60 and a facial can run anywhere from $50 to $250--check your local spa for their specialized prices, they may even be running a Valentine's Day special!

Subscription Service
When you really can't settle on one perfect thing for your significant other....don't! Find a subscription service in an area they like (they're everywhere! Cooking, travel, 'clean' living, jewelry etc) and sign them up! They'll love the gesture and will be reminded of you for the next 3, 6, or 12 months they get gifts!
Pictured: Love Goodly subscription box--offers 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions, bi-monthly, starts at $40 & Escape Monthly subscription box--by-the-month subscription, $50 per month

Care Package
Perfect for couples doing the long-distance thing, care packages are the cutest way to say I'm thinking about you! Fill the box with your love's favorite foods, movies, candies, socks, a love letter...anything to brighten their day! If you simply don't have the time to run to the grocery store and the sock store or would just prefer a professional care package, there are tons of companies willing to send your lover a package! I guarantee you'll receive a grateful phone call the second it arrives!
Pictured: a tumblr photo of a make-your-own care package & a GourmetGift 'Exam Cram' care package, $40

A Class
If there is something your love is just dying to try but can't seem to find the drive-- take the opportunity this Valentine's day to get them passes to a few classes! Be it cooking, yoga, wine tasting, cheese making, sewing, knitting, poetry-writing they'll be touched you remembered their passion and are practically forcing them to go! You can also get a couples' class pass and go together--learning to cook linguine as a couple is an invaluable skill I'm told. 
Pictured: cooking class, according to Angie's List classes start at $75 for 'basic' meals and range up to $250 for an entire Italian meal & yoga classes are usually around $10 to $20 per class

Gifts for Self
Of course you can treat yourself to any of the things on this list so far but when you're buying for the person you know best (aka YOU!) you can afford to be a little more personal.
Concert tickets
If a band or an artist you're absolutely pining to see comes to town....go see them! You don't need anyone else to go with you (although admittedly it is more fun with friends) so just buy a ticket and go! JB has a tour coming up, Maroon 5, Mumford & Sons, Twenty One Pilots....go and have the time of your life!
Tickets aren't cheap these days and range from $80 per seat to over $500 per person

Night with friends
Last year on Valentine's Day I celebrated my 17th birthday as well with a bunch of friends at IHOP. It was such a fun night! If you happen to be date-less on Valentine's Day (not the end of the world, I assure you) gather up a group of your besties and party like there's no tomorrow! Or at least....have a nice dinner and take lots of pictures.

A trip
If you're yearning for a getaway from the winter chill, gift yourself a trip! Not exactly the least-expensive or most feasible suggestion on this list, taking a trip either solo or with friends/family isn't cheap but it's so worth it! Save your pennies and book a cruise to the Bahamas, a flight to Brazil, or (more simply) a hotel in your hometown--have a staycation! #Roomservice 

An outfit
I'm always very iffy about buying clothes for others (it's such a personal thing!) but I can buy clothes for me all day long. This Valentine's Day treat yourself to a head-to-toe outfit, socks included! Get yourself all dolled up for yourself! Head to your nearest Forever 21, Top Shop, Cotton On, Mango....whatever your preference is and go nuts!
Pictured: one of my favorite bloggers, Rosie aka The Londoner

What do you think about my list? What's on your list of Valentine's Day gifts ideas? Do you love V-day, are kind of iffy about it, or hate it? Let's talk about it!


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