March 14, 2016

18th Birthday Week

Good things truly do come to those who wait! Almost exactly 1 month past my actual 18th Birthday, my Manila squad gathered together to celebrate the joy that is me.

We started off our weekend at Vikings--the quintessential Manila buffet to hit when it's your birthday. (Warning: you better book early early early in the week because if you wait until even Wednesday, their Friday and Saturday nights are usually all booked) Vikings offers so many different types of cuisines it's difficult to wrap your head around! We all started off at the sushi bar (many of us going back for 2nd or 3rd plates). The mashed potatoes and macaroni bars were oft-visited by us, as was the Italian station. They offer kebabs, to-order cooking of fish and meat, roasting chicken and pork (for the meat eaters among us), salad, fresh fruit, and, the best part of course, dessert!
Moi, Celesty, Aliah, Celene, Tina, Shiini
The dessert bar was probably the most-visited station for our group. Offering freshly-scooped as well as soft serve ice cream, cake upon cake upon cake, panacotta, bread pudding, truffles, a fondue station....the entire setup was very much appreciated by our tastebuds if not our waistlines.
1 of 2 cakes--this one just for me from the Vikings bakery

Vikings is well-known for their birthday celebrations. Two waiters, dressed as 'vikings', will not only strike up a friendly banter with you and your table, they'll sing you a personalized song! They covered modern day hits, retro pop, country western, and then for us they performed an international take on the traditional birthday song. That's right, I had the birthday song sung to me in Filipino, English, Japanese, Mandarin, Persian, German, and (they tried) French. You get fun props and tons of photos taken and overall it's a really enjoyable experience, even when you're in the hot (birthday) seat.
After dinner we took a little stroll around the mall before heading back to chez moi.  
This shirt is actually one of my most-coveted items from Forever 21 lately, and also happens to be a birthday gift from my Aunt Sharon! I love the ability to play white up with any other color--in this case with gold accessories and golden-tinted eyeshadow.

After cuddling with the pooch (who was loving the attention of 6 people all focused on her), the girls and I took a little stroll down high street where we treated ourselves to some Lush products and a birthday drink or two at the Rocket Room bar. When we got back to the house, we had a little clothes-swap party.

I really suggest you try this with your own squad! You ask everyone to bring their unwanted clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup etc., dump everything on someone's bed and sort through it! Everyone tries on the dresses and shorts and shoes and bangles, makes a stockpile of things they want (little guideline: avoid grabbing your own stuff back), and the rest of the things that nobody wants all goes to charity! It's a fantastic way to update your wardrobe, clean house, and give to charity all at once! Put on some tunes and start finding your new favorite outfit!
Cake number two! This massive creation was the product of a google image and Aggy's Cakes, the bakery Mom and I turn to for all of our cake needs (also the namesake of a certain little mutt running around...) This cake was absolutely huge: two layers, one chocolate and one vanilla, all covered and smothered in buttercream frosting. Since there were six of us, 2 of us tackled a slice and nobody managed to finish it! I would still have cake leftovers in my fridge had I not brought it to school today and fed it to anyone who even so much as asked about it.

After cake we stayed up late into the night, playing cards and girl talking. We even FaceTime'd with A so she could 'meet' everyone! It was a pretty great birthday party, even if it was a month in the making.


(How could I forget?! We gorged again the next morning on Wildflour treats--still my favorite brunch spot probably ever)

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